Inside the Inaugural Ball: Obama’s Second Term Gets Off to Cheez-y Start

Inaugural Cheez Its.
Inaugural Cheez Its.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — For most Americans, the phrase Inaugural Ball conjures up images of the commander in chief and first lady clad in full evening dress taking a waltz on the dance floor. If you’d like to maintain that illusion of grandeur when 2016 rolls around, Politicker humbly suggests you stay home and watch the festivities on television, because the reality is far less glamorous. Last night’s main Inaugural Ball was like a low rent prom complete with a gym-like venue, chips standing in for hors d’oeuvres and 80’s music. Amid all these cut-rate accoutrements and incongruously overdressed guests, we also spotted a basketball legend, a dancing congresswoman and, of course, the president. Continue reading “Inside the Inaugural Ball: Obama’s Second Term Gets Off to Cheez-y Start”

Angry Chef Attacks Chuck Schumer for Ditching Long Island Duck

Chuck Schumer speaking at the Inauguration. (Photo: Getty)
Chuck Schumer speaking at the Inauguration. (Photo: Getty)

WASHINGTON D.C. — Long Island chef Butch Yamali is telling Senator Chuck Schumer to go duck himself after the Inauguration.

Senator Schumer was able to put his own New York-centric spin on today’s festivities in his capacity as chairman of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. However, Mr. Yamali doesn’t feel Mr. Schumer went far enough to honor his home state and is holding a press conference tomorrow to “formally rebuke” the senator for not having Long Island duck at the inaugural meal at the Capitol Building.   Continue reading “Angry Chef Attacks Chuck Schumer for Ditching Long Island Duck”

‘Hipster PAC’ Brings High Fashion ‘Swag’ to the Presidential Debates

d4d Hipster PAC Brings High Fashion Swag to the Presidential Debates
An image from the flyer for the Downtown 4 Democracy debate party.

Downtown 4 Democracy, the anti-Tea Party “hipster PAC” is teaming up with Vice magazine to host a watch party for the first presidential debate on October 3 with well-appointed “swag bags” chock full of politically-themed goodies from several big name designers and chefs. The event, which will be held at the Jane Hotel, will also include a DJ set by the “experimental pop duo” Tanlines. Continue reading “‘Hipster PAC’ Brings High Fashion ‘Swag’ to the Presidential Debates”

Inside Pedro Espada’s Epic Kiddie Parties

Former State Senator Pedro Espada and his son, Pedro G. Espada, who are both currently on trial for corruption, had a habit of throwing lavish parties for the ex-politician’s young grandson. These extravagant kiddie parties have come up multiple times at their trial where a videographer claimed then-Senator Espada tried to get him to call the boy’s first birthday party in April 2007 a “children’s community outreach” event to avoid paying for DVD’s, and when federal prosecutors also presented photos of another fete that featured someone dressed as Barney the Dinosaur and a small pony. Expenses for both those parties were paid for by the taxpayer-funded health company the Espadas are accused of taking $500,000 from, Soundview Health Care Network.

The festivities discussed so far at trial aren’t the only ones the Espadas threw for the former senator’s grandson. On Facebook, Pedro G. Espada posted several albums documenting parties with exotic animals, faux castles, clowns and an inflatable bouncy house.  Check out our slideshow with some of the best pictures, of course, Mr. Espada’s grandson’s face has been blurred due to his young age.

Storobin Celebrates A Race That’s Too Close To Call

 Storobin Celebrates A Race Thats Too Close To Call
David Storobin making his way to the stage to give his election night speech. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

The race between veteran Councilman Lew Fidler and Republican upstart David Storobin was a vicious campaign that included charges of pedophilia, Nazism and election day allegations “a Storobin thug” ran over a Fidler volunteer with a van. A police spokesperson subsequently told The New York Times the claim about the van proved to be untrue. In the end, Mr. Storobin was up by 120 votes in the final pre-paper ballot tally, but both candidates declared victory and the campaign is headed to a close count and court fight. However, as Mr. Storobin pointed out in a speech at his election night party, no one expected him to come close.

“We counted 100 percent of the votes but there are still some votes, some paper votes that are left, but based on all the info that we have, I’m proud to say that we, all of us, won this race. There may be recounts and we may have to wait for official results for a few days, or maybe even a couple of weeks, but like I said, the good won, we won,” Mr. Storobin said. “Tonight, we’ll go to bed as winners when nobody outside believed that we had a shot to even compete, when every story about this campaign began with Lew Fidler, the heavy favorite.” Continue reading “Storobin Celebrates A Race That’s Too Close To Call”

Scarlett Johansson To Host Third Fundraiser For Scott Stringer

102053746 Scarlett Johansson To Host Third Fundraiser For Scott Stringer
Scarlett Johansson (Photo: Getty)

Actress Scarlett Johansson is holding her third fundraiser for Manhattan borough president and likely mayoral candidate Scott Stringer. The event, which will be held on the roof of the Maritime Hotel in Chelsea, includes a two hour party preceded by an hour-and-a-half long “private reception.” Tickets for the party start at $50, access to the reception is reserved for chairs who pony up $2,500. Continue reading “Scarlett Johansson To Host Third Fundraiser For Scott Stringer”

Daniel O’Donnell’s Wedding Invite Includes a Nod To Same-Sex Marriage Fight

odonnell Daniel ODonnells Wedding Invite Includes a Nod To Same Sex Marriage Fight
Daniel O'Donnell (Photo: NYS Assembly)

After introducing five bills to legalize same sex marriage over the past four years, Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell is marrying his partner, John Banta, on Sunday now that New York State passed the marriage equality law. Their invite contains a reference to their long wait for a wedding. Continue reading “Daniel O’Donnell’s Wedding Invite Includes a Nod To Same-Sex Marriage Fight”