Occupy’s Biggest Council Fan Is Concerned, But Still a Believer

jumaane ows Occupys Biggest Council Fan Is Concerned, But Still a Believer
Jumaane Williams being pushed with a baton at an Occupy rally Monday night.

Councilman Jumaane Williams has been a proud supporter of Occupy Wall Street since the early days of the movement last year. He proudly pins his Occupy button on his suit even for formal interviews and rather freely shouts “All day, all week! Occupy Wall Street!” when around activists. However, the Occupy movement isn’t what it once was. Notably, the crowds are far smaller while the movement’s message still remains muddled to many outside observers. We asked Mr. Williams about the state of Occupy after he hosted a press conference earlier today on voter confusion.

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Bloomberg: Tea Party ‘Very Much Like Occupy Wall Street’

ows getty Bloomberg: Tea Party Very Much Like Occupy Wall Street
(Photo base: Getty)

On his weekly radio show with John Gambling this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg equated two prominent movements that may not see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues: Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. The comparison came about after Mr. Bloomberg lamented the difficulty of getting Congress to do the right thing on issues like reforming immigration laws to keep international students in the United States after they graduate. He suggested the Tea Party provides a model for pressuring politicians before pivoting to discuss activist irrationality.

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Congressional Candidate Stars in Occupy-Themed Hip-Hop Video

all day occupy all strets Congressional Candidate Stars in Occupy Themed Hip Hop Video
(Photo: YouTube)

George Martinez, a former district leader and current underdog candidate against Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez in this year’s Democratic primary, now has some tunes for his campaign.

Global Block Collective, a hip-hop activist organization Mr. Martinez founded, released a video last week starring the candidate and other artists urging the public to “stand up” for a somewhat ambiguous purpose. The video was apparently shot during the May Day protests earlier this month and includes a number of shots of police and protesters, as well as other settings like the subway.

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May Day Gets Off To Wet and Mild Start

occupy may day May Day Gets Off To Wet and Mild Start
Occupiers in Bryant Park. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Occupy Wall Street’s May Day protests came with promises the city would be “shut down” and fears of massive traffic disruptions and “militant elements” among the many marches. As of noon, we only received reports of a handful of arrests as protesters converged in Bryant Park where the crowd included protest mimes, truants and a staunchly conservative occupier. Continue reading “May Day Gets Off To Wet and Mild Start”

Occupy Wall Street’s May Day Schedule

o1llh Occupy Wall Streets May Day Schedule
A poster advertising the May Day protest. (Photo: OccupyWallStreet.org)

Protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement have released a schedule of events for their big “general strike” planned for May 1 and it includes, a “meditation flash mob,” a “guitarmy,” a rally featuring the rap group Das Racist and Rage Against The Machine  guitarist Tom Morello and an afterparty. The list of planned actions includes both permitted events and protests for which the Occupiers didn’t obtain permission from the City. Continue reading “Occupy Wall Street’s May Day Schedule”

Occupy Pensions Coming To Zuccotti Park

138013677 Occupy Pensions Coming To Zuccotti Park
(Photo: Getty)

Opposing Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pension plan is about to come to Zuccotti Park.

One of New York’s public employee unions,  the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, is holding a “Tier It Down!” rally tomorrow afternoon against  Governor Cuomo’s “Tier 6” proposal, where new employees would receive scaled down pension benefits in an effort to curb costs.

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