Andrew Cuomo Gives Subtle Boost to Possible Jeff Klein Challenge

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Photo: Governor's Office/Flickr)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Photo: Governor’s Office/Flickr)

Just call him AG.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo today pumped up Oliver Koppell’s potential challenge of State Senator Jeff Klein, the co-majority leader of the State Senate.

Asked by a reporter for his thoughts about “Assemblyman Koppell’s” potential bid–Mr. Koppell is a former Bronx assemblyman, councilman and one-time attorney general–Mr. Cuomo referred to the ex-lawmaker by his highest title, attorney general, and said Mr. Koppell was heeding “good advice” by waiting until April to decide whether to pull the trigger. Continue reading “Andrew Cuomo Gives Subtle Boost to Possible Jeff Klein Challenge”

Koppell Waiting for Budget Before Deciding on Klein Challenge

Oliver Koppell. (Photo: Facebook)
Oliver Koppell. (Photo: Facebook)

In one of the most high-profile potential primary contests this year, ex-Councilman Oliver Koppell is waiting until the budget season is over before making a final decision on whether he’ll challenge State Senator Jeff Klein. Continue reading “Koppell Waiting for Budget Before Deciding on Klein Challenge”

Ex-Councilman Oliver Koppell Moves Closer to Challenging Jeff Klein

Oliver Koppell. (Photo: Facebook)
Oliver Koppell. (Photo: Facebook)

Former Bronx Councilman Oliver Koppell is still mulling a challenge of State Senator Jeff Klein.

In an interview today, Mr. Koppell warned he might pull the trigger if Mr. Klein, the leader of the Senate’s breakaway Democratic faction, doesn’t rejoin the main Democratic caucus. Continue reading “Ex-Councilman Oliver Koppell Moves Closer to Challenging Jeff Klein”

City Council Debates Medical Marijuana Resolution

Council members converse before vote today for medical marijuana resolution.
Council members converse before today’s vote for a medical marijuana-related resolution.

The New York City Council’s health committee gathered today to discuss a hot-button issue being considered by a legislative body far from home: medical marijuana legislation currently before the U.S. Congress.

In a 6-to-0 vote, a resolution was sent to the full council, urging the federal government to approve the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, which would take medical marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances and enable certified medical providers and researchers to prescribe or access the drug without the threat of prosecution. But the unanimous vote didn’t mean a lack of dissent.  Continue reading “City Council Debates Medical Marijuana Resolution”

Citing ‘A New District,’ Koppell Endorses Espaillat

oliver koppell2 Citing A New District, Koppell Endorses Espaillat
Oliver Koppell (photo:

State Senator Adriano Espaillat and Congressman Charlie Rangel are continuing to announce endorsement after endorsement of elected officials within and around the Congressional District they are both seeking to represent come 2013. The latest is Mr. Espaillat’s endorsement from Bronx Councilman Oliver Koppell, who referred to the district as “new” in his statement praising Mr. Espaillat.

“I am pleased to endorse State Senator Adriano Espaillat in the upcoming Democratic Primary for the 13th Congressional District seat,” he said. “I appreciate and commend Congressman Charlie Rangel’s long service in the Congress. However, a new District and a new day demands new leadership. … He will also be an important role model and advocate for the Dominican and Hispanic communities in my District and beyond. I endorse Adriano Espaillat.”

Continue reading “Citing ‘A New District,’ Koppell Endorses Espaillat”

Cliff Stanton to Run for Oliver Koppell’s Council Seat

oliver koppell Cliff Stanton to Run for Oliver Koppells Council Seat
Oliver Koppell (Photo: Facebook)

Cliff Stanton, a local Parents’ Association Co-President and community activist, has registered a committee for term-limited Oliver Koppell’s seat and says he’s moving forward with the campaign.

“We’re moving ahead. We’ve got a ways between now and whenever we get the vote next September. It’s going to be all about raising money, raising my name recognition in the community,” Mr. Stanton said, contending that many area residents are already familiar with him. Among other things, he’s known locally for championing the boycott of the Riverdale Review.

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Living Wage Fight Comes to City Hall

The next great battle in City Hall was joined today as the City Council held their inaugural hearing on The Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act, which would require all businesses that receive city subsidies pay at least $10 per hour, with benefits, to all of their employees.

Members of the Council grilled Tokumbo Shobowale, the chief of staff for Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert Steel, who defended a study released yesterday by the Economic Development Corporation that said the bill would put a stranglehold on the city’s economy and hurt job growth. Continue reading “Living Wage Fight Comes to City Hall”