Wet Weather Wrecks Anthony Weiner’s Bike Share Plans

The rain interfered with Anthony Weiner's plans to bike to his first debate.
The rain interfered with Anthony Weiner’s plans to bike to his first debate.

The miserable weather not only made for a dreary afternoon, it also rained out Anthony Weiner’s plans to ride one of the city’s new bike share bikes to his his first debate appearance, which is currently happening at NYU.

“It’s perfect, if you’re a duck,” the ex-congressman told Politicker as he pulled out an umbrella and headed toward the subway instead of hopping on one of the bulky blue bikes, which hit the streets on Memorial Day.

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Obama Praises New Yorkers’ ‘Spirit’ and ‘Resilience’

obama red cross getty Obama Praises New Yorkers Spirit and Resilience
President Obama speaking today. (Photo: Getty)

Standing before a Red Cross in Washington D.C. earlier this afternoon, President Barack Obama praised response efforts in the face of Hurricane Sandy, singling out New York in particular.

“This storm is not yet over,” Mr. Obama said to begin his address, labeling the hardship faced by the country as “extraordinary,” adding, “Obviously this is something that is heartbreaking for the entire nation.” According to the White House pool report, the president went on to say his “most important message” to those recovering from the storm’s devastating aftermath was, “America is with you.”

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Thompson Sides With Bloomberg Over Quinn on Important Chick-fil-A Issue

chick fil a getty2 Thompson Sides With Bloomberg Over Quinn on Important Chick fil A Issue
(Photo: Getty)

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Council Speaker — and 2013 mayoral rival — Christine Quinn when it comes to whether Chick-fil-A restaurants are acceptable in New York City. Over the weekend, Ms. Quinn declared the business “not welcome” in the five boroughs and used official government letterhead urging New York University to give the boot to the city’s one Chick-fil-A restaurant due to the president of the company speaking out and investing in campaigns against gay marriage, but on Inside City Hall last night, Mr. Thompson declined to condemn the company’s existence.

“I’ve been a longtime supporter of marriage equality,” Mr. Thompson prefaced his comments on the issue, adding that he was “offended and disgusted” by the head of Chick-fil-A. “I might go out and help to protest just in the same way as if someone uttered a racist comment. I’d go out and help and picket and protest and bring attention and raise my voice also and say that this is wrong.”

Despite all that, Mr. Thompson said he sides with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who defended the restaurant himself last week, adding, “I guess I agree a bit with the mayor in that.”

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Quinn Breaks With Bloomberg Over Chick-fil-A: ‘Not Welcome’ in NYC

chick fil a getty Quinn Breaks With Bloomberg Over Chick fil A: Not Welcome in NYC
(Photo: Getty)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a leading mayoral contender in 2013, is often on the same business-friendly page as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but when it comes to the now-controversial remarks against gay marriage made by the head of a fast food chain based in Georgia, they’re on decidedly different sides of the issue.

During a radio interview yesterday morning, Mr. Bloomberg said that the views expressed by the owner of a business should not impact government policies, and declared the idea of blocking Chick-fil-A establishments in the city, “a bad idea and it’s not going to happen.”

This morning, however, Ms. Quinn’s office sent out a press release announcing a petition calling on the president of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, to apologize for his “repugnant and un-American” comments and discriminatory views.

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British Prime Minister Gives Advice to City Council Candidate [Video]

hill krishnan youtube British Prime Minister Gives Advice to City Council Candidate [Video]
Hill Krishann asking his question (Photo: YouTube)

At a recent forum for New York University, British Prime Minister David Cameron fielded a question from Hill Krishnan, a City Council candidate for the Upper East Side.

Mr. Krishnan, an adjunct professor at NYU in global affairs, first wanted to know what the United Kingdom was doing to reduce its nuclear stockpile, and second, what advice Mr. Cameron would be able to provide him for his first political campaign.

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Bill de Blasio Joins Push For NYU’s Downtown Brooklyn Tech Campus

bill de blasio fb Bill de Blasio Joins Push For NYUs Downtown Brooklyn Tech Campus
Bill de Blasio (Photo: Facebook)

Public Advocate and likely 2013 mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is the latest city politician joining the push to establish an NYU and Polytech applied sciences campus at an empty building owned by the MTA in Brooklyn. The Politicker obtained letters Mr. de Blasio sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and MTA Chairman Joe Lhota last Friday urging them to support the project.

“The proposed repurposing of the MTA’s unused building at 370 Jay Street to house the NYU Applied Science Center would be an integral part of the continuing revitalization of Downtown Brooklyn and would also help a New York City educational institutional increase its contribute to education and in technology in our city,” Mr. de Blasio wrote in his letter to the Mayor. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio Joins Push For NYU’s Downtown Brooklyn Tech Campus”