Halloran Insinuates Meng Would Have Been Complicit in Father’s Alleged Crimes [Updated]

halloran in long island Halloran Insinuates Meng Would Have Been Complicit in Fathers Alleged Crimes [Updated]
Dan Halloran speaking. (Photo: YouTube)

Republican Councilman Dan Halloran, a candidate for congress in northeastern Queens, gave a long, 36-minute speech before a conservative group in Suffolk County at the end of last week where he unloaded a multitude of charges against his Democratic opponent, Assemblywoman Grace Meng. Notably, he implied she is somehow involved with the alleged criminal schemes of her father, former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, who was arrested last month and charged with soliciting an $80,000 bribe to fix a court case. Ms. Meng has declared her independence.

“Grace Meng has spent $1.1 million dollars. She raised $1 million, she spent $1.1 million. Can anyone do the math?” Mr. Halloran rhetorically asked. “She’s $100,000 in the hole. Her father was arrested last week for accepting an $80,000 bribe. You can do the math there and figure it out. He was also — by the way — kicked out of the Assembly for voter fraud in 2004. His campaign manager was Grace Meng, my opponent.”

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Robert Mittman’s Campaign Pitch: ‘I Am A Medical Doctor’ [Video]

mittman website Robert Mittmans Campaign Pitch: I Am A Medical Doctor [Video]
(Photo: DrMittman4Congress.com)

Dr. Robert Mittman, the controversial underdog Queens congressional candidate, released a campaign video on YouTube yesterday. So far, only 13 people have watched the clip, which includes footage of Dr. Mittman reading the statement he made when he first announced his campaign interspersed with photos of him and his family, the good doctor at work treating patients and pictures of New York and Washington landmarks all set to the tune of Billy Joel’s 1989 hit “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

“As a lifelong Queens resident, a parent, a voter and a medical doctor, I am here to offer a precsription for a healthy economy,” Dr. Mittman says in the video. Continue reading “Robert Mittman’s Campaign Pitch: ‘I Am A Medical Doctor’ [Video]”

A Romantic Night Out With Congressional Candidate Grace Meng Involves Campaigning

grace meng assembly A Romantic Night Out With Congressional Candidate Grace Meng Involves Campaigning
Grace Meng (photo: assembly.state.ny.us)

Assemblywoman Grace Meng is running in the crowded race for the seat in Queens’ 6th congressional district and it doesn’t seem like her busy political schedule is leaving her with any room for romance. Today was Ms. Meng’s wedding anniversary with her husband and she invited her Facebook friends to decide how they would mark the occasion, going door-to-door or to a subway stop to meet potential voters.

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Lancman Blasts ‘Sham Candidacy Of Long-Time Party Hack’

rorylancman Lancman Blasts Sham Candidacy Of Long Time Party Hack
Rory Lancman
Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s campaign issued a lengthy statement this morning criticizing Jeffrey Gottlieb’s late entry in the crowded race for the sixth district as the “sham candidacy by a long-time party hack” designed by the Queens Democratic Party to disrupt Mr. Lancman’s campaign. City & State reported Mr. Gottlieb, who has a patronage position with the local Board of Elections and has been “heavily involved in Jewish causes in Queens” for decades, began circling last minute petitions to enter the District 6 race last week. Grace Meng has the backing of the county party in that race, but Mr. Lancman is hoping the district’s large Jewish population can propel him to a win and believes Mr .Gottlieb’s bid is aimed at undercutting his support in that community.

“The County organization is panicked by the strength of my candidacy,” Mr. Lancman said in his statemebt about Mr. Gottlieb. “Cynically fleecing Jewish voters with a sham candidacy by a longtime party hack is particularly appalling. Voters will rightfully see through this charade, and the party insiders responsible for this hatchet job should be ashamed of their attempt to deny the Jewish community a fair and legitimate election.” Continue reading “Lancman Blasts ‘Sham Candidacy Of Long-Time Party Hack’”