Karim Camara Endorses Adriano Espaillat for Congress

State Senator Adriano Espaillat with Assemblyman Karim Camara today.
State Senator Adriano Espaillat with Assemblyman Karim Camara today.

Assemblyman Karim Camara endorsed State Senator Adriano Espaillat’s bid against Congressman Charlie Rangel this morning, a largely symbolic move attempting to show that Mr. Espaillat is successfully dipping into the incumbent’s African-American base.

Mr. Camara, the leader of the state legislature’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, hails from central Brooklyn and did not make an endorsement when Mr. Espaillat first tried to unseat Mr. Rangel two years ago. While Mr. Camara’s constituency resides nowhere near the northern Manhattan and Bronx district that Mr. Espaillat is hoping to win, the lawmaker, who is considered by many to be a rising star in the Democratic party, promised to work to “amplify” Mr. Espaillat’s accomplishments in the district. Continue reading “Karim Camara Endorses Adriano Espaillat for Congress”

David Paterson Passes on Congressional Campaign

David Paterson says he's not running for Congress. (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images)
David Paterson. (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty)

Former Gov. David Paterson has ruled out for good a run at Congressman Charlie Rangel’s seat.

“I would like to make it clear that I have no intention of running for Congress in the 13th District, either now or in the future,” Mr. Paterson said in a statement issued this morning to address recent speculation. Continue reading “David Paterson Passes on Congressional Campaign”

Espaillat Concedes to Rangel, Remains Mum on Reelection Plans

espaillat concedes Espaillat Concedes to Rangel, Remains Mum on Reelection Plans
Espaillat giving his concession speech to a crowd of reporters.

“I’m here to acknowledge that we came short two percent, I want to congratulate Congressman Charles B. Rangel for his victory and tell him that I look forward to working with him as we move forward,” State Senator Adriano Espaillat announced at a sunny press conference in Inwood this afternoon.

“Back in 1996 when I first got into politics, I defeated a 16-year incumbent and I ran against the political establishment,” he continued. “I did so again this year, everyone from Nancy Pelosi on down supported the incumbent, so I’m very proud to have run a very strong race.”

Continue reading “Espaillat Concedes to Rangel, Remains Mum on Reelection Plans”

Clyde Williams: Jobs!

clyde williams clyde2012 Clyde Williams: Jobs!
Clyde Williams (photo: clyde2012.com)

“I’m talking about real jobs that are available today,” Clyde Williams said as we talked over brunch in Harlem this morning (he wanted otmeal but settled for the scrambled egg plate). “Studies show that if all the jobs available were filled, the unemployment rate would be under 7%”

Mr. Williams was explaining his next policy push in his congressional campaign as he works to unseat veteran Rep. Charlie Rangel. He argued that the federal government should be doing much more to retrain workers for targeted industries and that Mr. Rangel, currently in office, has not been delivering.

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One Last Sale: Can Charlie Rangel Convince Voters to Give Him Another Term in Washington?

charlie rangel dale stephanos One Last Sale: Can Charlie Rangel Convince Voters to Give Him Another Term in Washington?
Illustration by, Dale Stephanos

Congressman Charlie Rangel didn’t want to discuss who will succeed him in the House of Representatives.

“Is this an obituary?” he asked during a sometimes combative phone interview on Monday afternoon, which the longtime lawmaker described as a “rough one.”

“I’m 81-years-old, you want me to discuss what happens in three years? At the end of this year plus two. Would that make sense at all?” he asked.

Rather than deciding whom to anoint as heir, the outspokenly liberal octogenarian is facing what could be the closest campaign of his more than forty year career, while simultaneously coping with fading health and the waning power of the political empire he built in Harlem. Continue reading “One Last Sale: Can Charlie Rangel Convince Voters to Give Him Another Term in Washington?”

Clyde Williams: ‘I Will Be On The Ballot June 26’

clyde9 Clyde Williams: I Will Be On The Ballot June 26
Clyde Williams

Former DNC political director Clyde Williams faced two challenges to the 6,000 petition signatures he obtained to get on the ballot in the congressional race for Upper Manhattan’s 13th district that he blamed on “associates” of the incumbent, Charlie Rangel. Those objections have expired and Mr. Williams said he’s going to be on the ballot without issue.

“Thousands of residents who signed my petitions participated in the electoral process and now their voices will be heard. I will be on the ballot on June 26,” Mr. Williams told The Politicker. “We now enter a new phase of the race and I look forward to continuing to engage voters and share ideas for the future of this community.” Continue reading “Clyde Williams: ‘I Will Be On The Ballot June 26’”

Charlie Rangel: ‘I’m Charged Up, I’m Ready To Go’

 Charlie Rangel: Im Charged Up, Im Ready To Go
Charles Rangel,

Congressman Charlie Rangel appeared on former Governor David Paterson’s show today to discuss his re-election bid and his health following two months where he was in and out of the hospital.

“I’m charged up, I’m ready to go,” Mr. Rangel said when asked about his health. “I’m pretty excited about how far the president has gone with what he’s got to work with.”

Mr. Rangel went on to explain he finds the Republican presidential candidates “frightening” because they were able to “get as far as they’ve gotten” with “so little talent.”

“I was a little worried about the congressman until he started attacking the Republican candidates for president, then I figured out his health was fine,” joked Mr. Paterson, a longtime friend and ally of the congressman. Continue reading “Charlie Rangel: ‘I’m Charged Up, I’m Ready To Go’”