‘I Might Strike Back’: Erick Salgado Exploring Campaign for Congress

Erick Salgado. (Photo: Facebook)
Erick Salgado. (Photo: Facebook)

Rev. Erick Salgado, a socially conservative Democratic pastor who waged a colorful campaign for mayor last year, has his sights set on a new target: incumbent Republican Congressman Michael Grimm.

Mr. Salgado confirmed that he is considering challenging the congressman in a brief phone interview this afternoon. Continue reading “‘I Might Strike Back’: Erick Salgado Exploring Campaign for Congress”

Grimm’s Pitch to Activists: Keep at Least One NYC Republican in Congress

Michael Grimm addressing the Brooklyn Young Republican Club.
Michael Grimm addressing the Brooklyn Young Republican Club.

Congressman Michael Grimm made his electoral pitch to Republican Party stalwarts in the city yesterday. His message: I’m all you’ve got.

Speaking to members of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club gathered in the back room of an Irish pub in Carroll Gardens, Mr. Grimm stressed that he’s now the only GOP federal legislator elected in the heavily Democratic five boroughs, and asked for volunteers to help keep Democrats from winning a full sweep. Continue reading “Grimm’s Pitch to Activists: Keep at Least One NYC Republican in Congress”

Grimm Hits Recchia for Brooklyn Residency

Congressman Michael Grimm. (Photo: Getty)
Congressman Michael Grimm. (Photo: Getty)

In the escalating war of words between Republican Congressman Michael Grimm and his Democratic challenger, Councilman Domenic Recchia, the Republican is firing a new salvo: Mr. Recchia’s Brooklyn address.

In a statement released by his campaign today, Mr. Grimm, who hails from Staten Island, asked how Mr. Recchia can be trusted “to put Staten Island first” given his home address and voting record. Continue reading “Grimm Hits Recchia for Brooklyn Residency”

Michael Grimm Slams ‘Phony Baloney’ Domenic Recchia

Michael Grimm.  (Photo by Charles Norfleet/Getty)
Michael Grimm. (Photo: Charles Norfleet/Getty)

As next year’s race for Michael Grimm’s congressional seat heats up, the war of words has cooled a bit.

Six months ago, Mr. Grimm was blasting his Democratic challenger, Councilman Domenic Recchia, as a “pathetic political hack,” “complete empty suit” and “another hypocritical, career politician … void of an original thought,” but Mr. Grimm went with a tamer line of attack today. Continue reading “Michael Grimm Slams ‘Phony Baloney’ Domenic Recchia”

DCCC Seizes the Michael Grimm Bathroom Story

One of the DCCC images.
One of the DCCC images.

Give them points for creativity–even if it’s a tad childish.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee started a new Tumblr compiling things Republican Congressman Michael Grimm “could have done in 17 minutes”–a direct reference to the amount of time a New York Post report suggests Mr. Grimm recently spent in a bar bathroom having sex. Continue reading “DCCC Seizes the Michael Grimm Bathroom Story”

National Republicans Compare Domenic Recchia to Emperor Palpatine and Lex Luthor

Emperor Palpatine and Councilman Domenic Recchia. (Photo Composite: Getty)
Emperor Palpatine and Domenic Recchia. (Photo Composite: Getty)

Is he the chair of the City Council’s finance committee or a Sith Lord?

According to the campaign arm of House Republicans, it might be hard to tell with Domenic Recchia.

Continue reading “National Republicans Compare Domenic Recchia to Emperor Palpatine and Lex Luthor”

Domenic Recchia’s Plan to Take Out Michael Grimm

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Last year, Mark Murphy ran a sharply negative campaign against Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm that focused on an ongoing federal investigation into the incumbent’s 2010 fundraising efforts. The drumbeat was relentless; Mr. Murphy held regular press conferences about the investigation, worked it into his everyday messaging and even sent out direct mail with a faux mugshot of Mr. Grimm’s face on it. Despite these intense attacks, Mr. Murphy went on to lose 46 percent to 53 percent to the Republican Mr. Grimm in a swing district narrowly carried by President Barack Obama.

Councilman Domenic Recchia, who is planning to take on Mr. Grimm next year, is charting a different course for his campaign.

“Listen, I don’t get involved with people’s private lives,” Mr. Recchia told us as we sat down outside his government office earlier today. “This is not about Michael Grimm and his personal life, what he might have done or might not have done. I don’t know. This is about myself running for Congress to support the people of Staten Island and southern Brooklyn so I can really help them.” Continue reading “Domenic Recchia’s Plan to Take Out Michael Grimm”