Congressional Candidate Links Incumbent to Rob Ford

Tim Bishop, Barack Obama and Rob Ford in the ad. (Screengrab: YouTube)
Tim Bishop, Barack Obama and Rob Ford in the ad. (Screengrab: YouTube)

In what might be considered a bit of a stretch, Long Island congressional hopeful George Demos is connecting the Democratic incumbent, Tim Bishop, to infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who recently admitted to smoking crack and has been caught in a bizarre spiral of over-the-top behavior since. Continue reading “Congressional Candidate Links Incumbent to Rob Ford”

Councilwoman Castigates NY1’s Latino Debate as ‘Farce’

The candidates on stage at the debate. (Photo: NY1)
The candidates on stage at the debate. (Photo: NY1)

One City Council member was not pleased with a televised mayoral debate held on Wednesday, but her ire was reserved for the questioned asked, not the answers given.

In a letter obtained by Politicker, Councilwoman Annabel Palma slammed NY1, NY1 Noticias and the Latino Leadership Institute, who hosted the debate focused on Latino issues. Specifically, Ms. Palma accused the organizations of turning the debate from “substance” into “farce.” Continue reading “Councilwoman Castigates NY1’s Latino Debate as ‘Farce’”

Tim Bishop Calls Opponent ‘Despicable’ in Latest Ad [Video]

tim bishop youtube Tim Bishop Calls Opponent Despicable in Latest Ad [Video]
(Photo: YouTube)

There’s an aggressive air war going on in Suffolk County, and it’s all centered around a Politico report that Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop’s campaign made a fundraising request to a constituent Mr. Bishop was helping navigate federal bureaucracy. Republicans saw it as a blatant quid-pro-quo while Mr. Bishop’s supporters, including the constituent himself, argued that there was nothing notable about this chain of events.

Soon after that report, Mr. Bishop launched ads accusing his GOP opponent Randy Altschuler of supporting outsourcing, causing Mr. Altschuler to respond with his own blistering ad.

“Why is Tim Bishop running a dishonest campaign?” the narrator for Mr. Altschuler’s ad rhetorically asked. “He’s trying to cover up a scandal, a big one!”

Continue reading “Tim Bishop Calls Opponent ‘Despicable’ in Latest Ad [Video]”

Altschuler Emails for Bishop Re-Match [Update]

Long Island Republican Randy Altschuler, who narrowly lost to Tim Bishop in November, emailed supporters today under the subject line “I’m Running for Congress and Need Your Help,” asking for contributions before the June filing deadline.

Altschuler came within a few thousands votes of defeating Bishop, in what became the last race to be decided across the country. (The decision came so late that Altschuler attended freshman orientation in Washington.)

“With your past support, we came within a hair of victory,” he wrote in today’s email — one of a few references to the narrow margin last year. Continue reading “Altschuler Emails for Bishop Re-Match [Update]”