David Greenfield Is Backing Simcha Felder

david greenfield fb David Greenfield Is Backing Simcha Felder
David Greenfield (Photo: Facebook)

If there was any question as to which candidate Councilman David Greenfield will eventually endorse for the new, heavily Orthodox Jewish State Senate seat in Brooklyn, that ended tonight.

“I encouraged him to run,” Mr. Greenfield said of the Democratic former City Councilman on Nachum Segal’s radio show. “The reality is Simcha Felder is the gold standard of Orthodox Jewish elected officials. He’s somebody who’s been working for the community for years. He genuinely cares about the community. He’s consistently delivered for the community.”

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Noach Dear Making Calls About Jumping Into State Senate Race

noach dear Noach Dear Making Calls About Jumping Into State Senate Race
Noach Dear (photo: .nycourts.gov)

Former City Councilman Noach Dear could be about to enter the State Senate race for a heavily Orthodox Jewish seat in Brooklyn.

The news was first reported by Yossi Gestetner, who tweeted Mr. Dear “is calling around friends telling them he is 90% ready” to announce his candidacy. Sources subsequently confirmed to The Politicker that Mr. Dear is indeed making calls about the run.

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