John Mancuso to Formally Announce Malliotakis Challenge Tomorrow

john mancuso fb John Mancuso to Formally Announce Malliotakis Challenge Tomorrow
John Mancuso (Photo: Facebook)

John Mancuso, an owner of a Staten Island catering business active in Democratic politics, will kick off his race against freshman GOP Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis tomorrow evening, his campaign announced. City & State had originally reported Mr. Mancuso was eyeing the race, but tomorrow marks the official firing off point for what will be one of the few competitive assembly races in New York City this year.

“I’m a fourth generation Staten Islander,” Mr. Mancuso told The Politicker this evening, professing his love for Staten Island and Brooklyn. “Right now the 60th Assembly District is not getting what it deserves.”

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Politicians Celebrate Super Bowl Victory (!!!!!)

lombardi fb Politicians Celebrate Super Bowl Victory (!!!!!)
(Photo: Facebook)

Everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock knows the New York Giants whipped up an impressive victory in the Super Bowl last night. However, even rock-dwellers were aware of the news if they were friends with any elected officials on Facebook.

Generally, the excited politicians’ responses needed at least five exclamation marks.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley and State Senator Marty Golden were examples of this. Ms. Crowley wrote “NY Giants XLVI Super Bowl Champions!!!!!” while Mr. Golden wrote “Congratulations to the SuperBowl Champions the New York Giants!!!!!! Go Big Blue.”

Councilman Jumaane Williams, who correctly predicted the score of the game, might have been the most excited of them all. “UH…Yeah! We did it again. ANY DAMN QUESTIONS!!!!!!!” he declared, adding “WHOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” He also had another “WHOAA” post containing 50 exclamation marks.

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Diane Savino and Nicole Malliotakis: Bipartisan BFFs

savino and malliotakis Diane Savino and Nicole Malliotakis: Bipartisan BFFs
Diane Savino and Nicole Malliotakis driving to Albany (Photo: Facebook)

Democratic State Senator Diane Savino and Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis both get along extremely well, and their Staten Island-based districts even overlap. According to the Staten Island Advance, both Ms. Savino and Ms. Malliotakis shop together at the same Staten Island Mall Macy’s, arrive together at many of the same political events and drive up to Albany together as well.

“In a testament to those differences,” the Advance writes, “Ms. Malliotakis’s cell phone has “The Odd Couple” theme song as Ms. Savino’s ring-tone.”

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