There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?

state senate map cover Theres a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?
A map of New York City’s State Senate districts.

It’s Election Day in New York next Thursday! But instead of a titanic battle between ideologies–your Mitt Romneys vs. Barack Obamas, if you will–the options on the ballot will be little-noticed state legislative contests between candidates of the same party, often with few policy differences.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some exciting races happening. From “Who Gets Arrested for Raping a Grandmother?” to “Assemblywoman Caught Up in Sex Scandal with Two Young Men,” there’s been no shortage of nasty drama and mud slinging as voters head to the polls.

Here’s a breakdown of who’s running and why it might matter who wins. The list below focuses on Democratic races because the few Republican primaries in this staunchly blue city tend to have clear favorites or are taking place in such Democratic territory that the victor is reasonably likely to be irrelevant. Continue reading “There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?”

Nick Perry Challenger to Formally Announce Tonight

terry hinds Nick Perry Challenger to Formally Announce Tonight
Terry Hinds (Photo: Facebook)

Terry Hinds, an attorney and chair of Community Board 17, will officially declared his candidacy for the State Assembly on Brooklyn45 tonight, an email advertising the television program excitedly announced earlier this evening. Mr. Hinds also confirmed his intentions over Twitter.

The opponent he’s seeking to unseat is veteran Assemblyman Nick Perry, who’s served in his Central Brooklyn Assembly district for almost two decades. It’s not  immediately clear what his campaign platform will be, but the Brooklyn45 email says he will discuss “why he is challenging the incumbent and about some of the needs of the community that he will focus on meeting when he is elected.”

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Nick Perry Inches Toward Boro Prez Run

image Nick Perry Inches Toward Boro Prez RunAssemblyman Nick Perry told The Politicker this afternoon that he is considering making a run for Brooklyn borough president in 2013.

“I am giving it very serious consideration,” Perry said.

Perry is the deputy majority leader of the Assembly, but has been one of the quieter members of the chamber. He made some noise earlier this year  when he voted in favor of same-sex marriage, after voting against it three times.

Asked to make his case for why he was the right man for the job, Perry said, Continue reading “Nick Perry Inches Toward Boro Prez Run”

'Sexting' Bill Awaits Governor's Signature

sexting 'Sexting' Bill Awaits Governor's SignatureA bill by Brooklyn Assembly Nick Perry which would weaken the penalities for “sexting”–i.e. sending text messages with explicit photos among minors–has passed both houses of the legislature.

“As a parent, grandparent and elected representative, I could not in good conscience sit back and watch as children who acted with no malice, and without the awareness or intent to commit a crime, but rather made a dumb decision that countless adults make as well, find themselves charged with a serious crime which could ruin their future,” Perry said.

Under current state law, “sexting” is classified the same as the creation, possession and distribution of child pornography, and can result in a felony charge, and, in some cases, the offense can lead the youth registering as a sex offender.

Under Perry’s bill, a first time youthful offender who did not have the intent to commit a criminal offense could be diverted to an education program and given a chance to have the charge dismissed.

Teenagers arrested for sexting has been a growing–and, civil libertarians, an alarming–trend, as, according to one study, up to 20 percent of teens say they have sent explicit messages online. The issue received considerably more attention in the wake of the recent Anthony Weiner scandal.

Said Perry, “Now that this bill has passed both houses, it is my expectation that the governor will sign it into law, and New York’s children will get the second chance every young person certainly deserves.  As we all, both young and old, try and cope with the advantages and disadvantages of the technological explosion which has so enhanced our ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at anytime, this law will be a 21st Century solution for dealing for youthful indiscretions resulting in cyber crimes.”

A spokesman for Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that he was “reviewing” the matter.




Democrat Nick Perry Explains Why He Now Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Assemblyman Nick Perry was one of the Democrats who voted last night to legalize same-sex marriage after having opposed it in the past.

In the hallway just now, he told me he hasn’t changed, but the mood in his Brooklyn district had.

“I think my vote captures the sentiment of the majority of my constituents and soI feel that my vote is not representing my own position but the position of the people that I’m supposed to represent,” he said.