John Catsimatidis Suggests Newspaper Rigged Its Poll

catsimatidis getty
John Catsimatidis. (Photo: Getty Images)

Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is slamming a new Newsday poll that shows him badly trailing his rival, Joe Lhota, accusing the poll’s sponsor of skewing its results to put Mr. Lhota far ahead.

According to the amNewYork-News 12 poll, which was conduced by the firm Penn Schoen Berland, Mr. Lhota is now leading by a nearly 2-1 margin, with 50 percent of the vote, versus 28 percent for Mr. Catsimatidis–a far higher spread than previous polls.

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The Chatter About Pataki

patakilogo2 The Chatter About Pataki

As George Patakiand his website — inch closer to formally entering the 2012 GOP race for president, here’s a roundup of what people are saying about him.

Jonathan Capehart remembers that Pataki endorsed Carl Paladino for governor last year, which doesn’t bode very well for that “moderate” and “welcoming” presence some think the former governor brings to the GOP primary. Continue reading “The Chatter About Pataki”

Front Pages: The Visit vs The (Non) Photos


Here are the papers from around the state.

The New York papers are somewhat split, with previewing Obama’s visit to Ground Zero, and carrying news about the White House decision to not release photos proving Osama bin Laden is dead.  The New York Post editorial board praises the non-release of the photos, and dedicates the front page to previewing the president’s visit. The Daily News editorail board also supports the photo decsionit, but makes that story their entire front page.

The most skeptical coverage easily goes to amNew York, with their “Thanks but…” front page headline, which asks “where’s the photo?” and “are we less safe?”

I’m somewhat surprised that the further away from NYC you get, the smaller the stories are about Obama visit and bin Laden’s photo. Newsday, the paper that blankets Long Island, is back to worrying about Nassau county’s finances, giving only a bottom banner notice about the Ground Zero activities today. They do have a good, and local, 9/11-Obama-Ground Zero story, which, I think should have gotten bigger play. After Newsday’s Mike Amon iinquiries, the White House apologized to local man for sending him a letter addressed to “Dear 9/11 Family Member.”