Bloomberg and Christie Describe NYPD-New Jersey Relations Quite Differently

nypd getty Bloomberg and Christie Describe NYPD New Jersey Relations Quite Differently
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t see eye to eye with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on how much information New Jersey is getting from the New York City Police Department.

Yesterday, Governor Christie indicated his state was receiving very little information. “9/11 was not prevented because law enforcement agencies weren’t talking to each other, they were being selfish, they were being provincial, they were being paranoid, they were being arrogant,” he warned. “I do not want to return to those days.”

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Bloomberg: NYPD Is Keeping New Jersey Safe

new jersey wiki Bloomberg: NYPD Is Keeping New Jersey Safe
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After a recently leaked New York Police Department document revealed extensive surveillance operations of mosques and Muslim-owned businesses in Newark, New Jersey, critics pounced. However, on John Gambling’s radio show this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg argued the attacks of September 11th proved the need to monitor the Garden State.

“You’ve got to remember, an awful lot of 9/11 hijackers stayed in New Jersey for an extended periods of time, training, planning their attacks,” he said. “Mohamed Atta, the ringleader of the attacks, often met with others in Newark to coordinate and plan the attacks, including selecting which flights to hijack. There’s a reason to take a look at Newark here.”

“The people of Newark New Jersey, the people of New Jersey, are protected as well,” he added. “The NYPD is trying to stop terrorism in the entire region. If we knew about at threat in Newark, we wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, that’s yours. You worry about it.’ Quite the contrary.”

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