Bill de Blasio and Chris Christie Look Chummy at Super Bowl Kick-Off Party

Bill de Blasio and Chris Christie together on stage at the Super Bowl Kickoff Spectacular at Liberty State Park on January 27, 2014 in Jersey City, New Jersey.  (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
Bill de Blasio and Chris Christie last night. (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Mayor Bill de Blasio may have harshly criticized New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his administration’s recent “bridgegate” scandal, but for one night, at least, it was all water under the bridge.

The pair kicked off this weekend’s Super Bowl festivities with a joint appearance in Jersey City last night. And if Mr. de Blasio had any lingering harsh feelings about the alleged traffic shutdown over the George Washington Bridge, he certainly didn’t show it. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio and Chris Christie Look Chummy at Super Bowl Kick-Off Party”

A Great Mayor Says Goodbye

Michael Bloomberg’s mayoralty has been built on one simple fact: The City Charter of New York City gives the mayor enormous power. During his mayoralty, Mr. Bloomberg has aggressively used instruments of power to influence almost every aspect of civic life: health, transportation, public schools (which he has twice persuaded the state legislature to place under his control), parks, culture and economic development through bold rezoning and preservation policies.
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Tish James and Daniel Squadron Bank Runoff Endorsements

Tish James and Bill de Blasio. (Photo: Getty)
Tish James and Bill de Blasio. (Photo: Getty)

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has ducked a potentially divisive primary runoff in the mayor’s race, but the candidates vying to replace him have no such luck.

As their one-on-one face-off heats up, Councilwoman Tish James and State Senator Daniel Squadron are racking up endorsements as they work to secure enough support to reach the 50 percent they’ll need when voters head back to the polls on October 1.

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City Congressional Delegation Looks to Expand Its Electoral Influence

Nydia Velazquez. (Photo: Getty)
Nydia Velázquez. (Photo: Getty)

Members of New York City’s Congressional delegation, long relegated to the sidelines of local politics, are increasingly filling the void left by the declining influence of political party apparatchiks.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Brooklyn, home to Democratic mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio and his GOP rival Joe Lhota, as well as public advocate runoff contenders Letitia James and Daniel Squadron. The latest trend from the borough of hipsters, Hasidim and Caribbean homelands is the toppling of incumbents with the help of U.S. Representatives Hakeem Jeffries and Nydia Velázquez.

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Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Gun Site Investigation in Washington Shooting’s Wake

The mayor at today's press conference. (Photo: YouTube/mayorbloomberg)
The mayor at today’s press conference. (Photo: YouTube/mayorbloomberg)

In the aftermath of Monday’s mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making yet another push for tougher gun purchase background checks.

“We don’t have all the facts about the shooter,” Mr. Bloomberg said at press conference today at City Hall, “but what we do know [is] what happened this week has happened before–and sadly it looks like it will happen again until we get serious about this issue of just too many guns around.”

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After Rudy, Before Bloomberg: Looking Back on a Mayoral Legacy

Finding an unpublished George Gurley piece is like opening a perfectly written time capsule. In May 2001, New York City was preparing to say farewell to a term-limited Rudy Giuliani and welcome anyone from Mark Green to Freddy Ferrer to Michael Bloomberg as its first new leader in eight years. An intrepid young Observer reporter named George Gurley hit the party scene to ask prominent New Yorkers what they thought would happen to the city. He wrote it up and then … it disappeared.

The Observer never published Mr. Gurley’s observations, captured first at the annual benefit for the African Rainforest Conservancy, held at The Park on 17th and Tenth Avenue and the second was for the 10th anniversary of the Paramount Hotel. 

Twelve years later, as we approach another change of guard at City Hall, Mr. Gurley got to thinking about that piece. When he realized it hadn’t seen the light of day, Mr. Gurley, still an intrepid young Observer reporter, brought it to our attention.
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Bloomberg Refuses to Address ‘Racist’ Accusation Against de Blasio Campaign

Mayor Bloomberg wanted to talk schools, not election, at a press conference today in East Harlem.
Mayor Bloomberg wanted to talk schools, not Bill de Blasio, at a press conference today in East Harlem.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg today refused to explain his recent comment labeling Bill de Blasio’s mayoral campaign “racist.”

Speaking at since first open-question press conference since New York magazine published the controversial comments ten days ago, Mr. Bloomberg repeatedly insisted he would not talk about the race to succeed him.

“Look, I’m gonna stay out of this race,” he said in respond to the first question, which asked what he meant by the remark and whether he thought it played a role in Mr. de Blasio’s Democratic primary win.

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