Bloomberg Warns New Year’s Revelers: ‘No Booze. No Drugs. Period’

The 2013 Times Square New Year's Eve Ball (Photo: Getty)
The 2013 Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball (Photo: Getty)

Later tonight, thousands of partiers will flock to Times Square in Manhattan, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be hosting a New Year’s Eve bash. Naturally, security for such an event is a concern, and asked about about the topic at a press conference earlier today, Mr. Bloomberg sternly warned the public to behave themselves.

“Well you can never assure 100 percent everything. I can tell you that on a night like this typically, and I expect it to include tonight, crime is way down…The days in the past when there was chaos have long since gone,” Mr. Bloomberg said before giving an ominous warning to partygoers planning to bring alcohol or drugs to the celebration.

“You come to Times Square, we will check backpacks. You cannot bring alcohol or drugs. Don’t try to do it. You’re not going to get away with it,” said the mayor.

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Mayor Bloomberg: Diana Taylor's a Better Kisser Than Lady Gaga

gagasmooch Mayor Bloomberg: Diana Taylor's a Better Kisser Than Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga and MichaelBloomberg (Photo: Getty)

At a press conference earlier today in Queens, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about kissing Lady Gaga on New Years night.  After reflecting on it for a moment, he jokingly said that he “would be remiss if I didn’t also add to that the best kiss of the night came after that, from Diana.”

“Just so that I can get through the night,” he added laughing. “All kidding aside, she couldn’t have been nicer. She posed for pictures with Diana and me, and with my youngest daughter.”

Overall, Mayor Bloomberg seemed to be quite the fan of Lady Gaga’s career. “Very few people who’ve gotten into a very tough business have risen so quickly to the top as she has,” he extolled. “And if you go back and look now, it’s been a few years, she’s stayed at the top, which is really hard to do.”

Apparently Lady Gaga was  quite in awe of the moment as well.  “Are you nervous?” Mayor Bloomberg recalled asking the pop sensation. “She said, ‘A little bit.’ I said, ‘Why, you’ve performed in front of big crowds all the time.’ She said, ‘Yeah but this is my home.'”

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