Listen To Barack Obama Speak Spanish

barackobama1 Listen To Barack Obama Speak Spanish
President Obama

The Obama campaign released a new set of Spanish language television ads today that end with the president giving his standard “I’m Barack Obama and I approve this message” spiel en español. While his accent is not perfect, his Spanish is far better than Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s. Continue reading “Listen To Barack Obama Speak Spanish”

Tweets From The Trail: Frozen Drinks and Obama’s Jump Shot

margarita Tweets From The Trail: Frozen Drinks and Obamas Jump Shot Today, political types were focused on drinking margaritas, b-ball with the president and avoiding accidents. Here’s our roundup of the day’s best Tweets from the campaign trail. Continue reading “Tweets From The Trail: Frozen Drinks and Obama’s Jump Shot”

President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad

president obama libya future hands its people President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad
President Barack Obama

With his latest campaign ad blitz in the battleground states, President Barack Obama would like to remind you that the economic crisis began before he was in office. His ad, which will air in nine states, articulates what are clearly becoming the main early messages of his reelection bid; the economic recovery may be slow, but it is happening and the Obama administration has made a number of acheivements that make it worth keeping the faith for the many voters who believed in him during the last election.

“In 2008 an economic meltdown, 4.4 million jobs lost, America’s economy spiraling down. All before this president took the oath” a narrator says in between grim news clips from the financial crisis as the ad begins. Continue reading “President Obama Tries to Remind Us of the Bad Old Days in New Ad”

Breaking: Whores Endorse Ron Paul

krnv bunnyranch paul 120104c 615x345 Breaking: Whores Endorse Ron PaulNEWSFLASH: The fine ladies employed by the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, located outside of Las Vegas, Nevada (of which we are a proud, native son) have finally weighed in with their endorsement for the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary, reports Raw Story. Mitt Romney, who is leading in polls, has been snubbed: Their vote has gone to Ron Paul. Continue reading “Breaking: Whores Endorse Ron Paul”