Candidate Writes ‘Negrohood’ Instead of ‘Neighborhood’ on a Campaign Mailer; Probably Regrets It

ben akselrod mailer Candidate Writes Negrohood Instead of Neighborhood on a Campaign Mailer; Probably Regrets It
Click to enlarge. (Photo: Sheepshead Bites)

At the end of last week, Sheepshead Bites reported that Ben Akselrod, campaigning for the State Assembly in southeastern Brooklyn, mistakenly sent out campaign literature describing crime going up in the “negrohood.”

“Dear Friend, I am running for Assembly because I believe the number 1 job of that office is to keep the community safe,” Mr. Akselrod wrote. “The current assemblyman has allowed crime to go up over 50% in our negrohood so far this year. I am fighting for video cameras throughout our community to protect our seniors who are the most vulnerable and cut down on anti-semitic attacks in our community. I will also make sure the mayor gives our community more police to patrol our streets.”

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