Roundup: The Prep School Guys Continue To Be The Prep School Guys

Maggie Haberman takes a look at a possible Clinton-Cuomo primary in 2016.

The federal government rejected the Cuomo administration’s plans for transit-less Tappan Zee Bridge.

Carlo Scissura is dropping out of the  Brooklyn BP’s race to lead the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Carl Kruger was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

The Hill takes a look at all of New York’s congressional races. Continue reading “Roundup: The Prep School Guys Continue To Be The Prep School Guys”

Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?

Governor Cuomo’s trip to the North Country included coffee runs and a Price Chopper shopping spree.

Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich predicts an Obama/Clinton ticket in ’12.

Protesters are setting up camp outside Mayor Bloomberg’s house (again).  Continue reading “Roundup: Stalking Governor Cuomo; Will Obama and Hillary Join Forces?”

Nadler Nudges Obama: 'Make Room for the 14th Amendment'

nadler2 Nadler Nudges Obama: 'Make Room for the 14th Amendment'Representative Jerry Nadler thinks there’s a “high likelihood” of a complete breakdown in negotiations between House Republicans and the president over the debt ceiling, and he thinks the Democrats’ best option at this point is to push the president to solve the problem unilaterally, since Speaker John Boehner is still trying to rustle the votes for a debt ceiling deal that the president and Senate have already declared a non-starter.

“I really think there’s a very high likelihood of a total impasse here, which would be catastrophic,” Nadler told me this morning. “And so we have to push the 14th Amendment, and make room for the 14th Amendment.” Continue reading “Nadler Nudges Obama: 'Make Room for the 14th Amendment'”

Anthony’s Exposure: New York Has a Long Hard Weiner Problem

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Staying or Going? Either way, Anthony Weiner isn't making it easy for New York. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

After a nationally watched campaign in upstate New York, Kathy Hochul made her New York City debut Monday morning at the stately University Club on West 54th Street.Hundreds of guests attending the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Breakfast milled around a breakfast buffet of muffins and fruit salad, while their host, Nora Brenes, introduced Mrs. Hochul as the winner of a special election “that came about as a result of our male New York congress members who keep taking their shirts off,” according to one attendee.

The crowd laughed, because an Anthony Weiner joke at a Democratic political function is one that needs no explanation. He is, much to the chagrin of his New York colleagues, everywhere: overshadowing their message, imperiling a safe congressional seat, and affecting their redistricting plans. Continue reading “Anthony’s Exposure: New York Has a Long Hard Weiner Problem”

Democratic Leaders Demand Weiner Resign

The head of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and the Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman, Rep. Steve Israel, have called on Anthony Weiner to resign.

The demands come one day after Weiner confirmed he contacted a 17-year-old girl in Delaware online. The girl’s mother told the New York Post the conversation was brief, and not graphic. The call from Schultz and Israel, along with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, come one day before the Sunday talk shows, where Weiner’s fate is obviously one of the topics that will be discussed. Continue reading “Democratic Leaders Demand Weiner Resign”

Anthony Weiner’s Future

With Anthony Weiner vowing, for now, not to resign and seek re-election, one notable detail in Michael Barbaro’s piece may throw that plan into jeopardy.

Before going public in a painful 27-minute press conference, Weiner contacted his trio of long-time advisers, consultant Jim Margolis, pollster Joel Benenson and spokesman Anson Kaye, to say he had been lying to them, along with everyone else. (None of the three was immediately available for comment this morning.)

That is one of the relationships Weiner may have to fix if he’s going to survive in office. (Ed Schultz, the liberal MSNBC host has already called on the congressman to resign.) Continue reading “Anthony Weiner’s Future”