Will Simcha Felder Caucus With the Democrats? [Update]

simcha felder fb Will Simcha Felder Caucus With the Democrats? [Update]
Simcha Felder

Former City Councilman Simcha Felder made his intentions to run for the State Senate on the Democratic line clear in today’s edition of Hamodia, but there remains a question as to whether he ultimately caucuses with the Democratic conference. The Democratic primary electorate in district is heavily Orthodox Jewish and may very well be just as conservative as the general election when Republicans can vote as well, so supporting the GOP might not be a mortal sin for aspiring Democratic candidates here.

Further suggesting he might be open to the possibility, when he said he would run as a Democrat in his Hamodia interview, Mr. Felder added the phrase, “[B]ut as always, I will work with anyone and everyone who will work with this community.”

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