Abraham Tischler Moves Forward With State Senate Campaign

abraham tischler ourcamaigns Abraham Tischler Moves Forward With State Senate Campaign
Abraham Tischler (photo: ourcampaigns.com)

Abraham Tischler, who made headlines as an 18 year-old City Council candidate a couple years ago, is fully committed to running for the New York State Senate in a heavily Orthodox Jewish seat this year. Previously, he was somewhat vague about his intentions, telling us, “I can’t disclose anything yet but I am working on assembling this fast.”

According to a tipster in the district — often referred to as the “Super Jewish” seat — Mr. Tischler is “full force ahead” and has a complete set of volunteers hitting the streets and gathering signatures to get him on the ballot.

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Caller Ad Declares Himself to Be ‘The Super Jewish Candidate’

super jewish political advertising1 Caller Ad Declares Himself to Be The Super Jewish CandidateNachman Caller, a likely Republican candidate for the new, heavily Orthodox Jewish district, embraced the “Super Jewish District” terminology some have used for the seat in his latest campaign ad, featured in Hamodia yesterday. The Wednesday extended edition of the paper, designed to be read during Shabbos, is the most widely read of the week.

“The Super Jewish Candidate for The Super Jewish District,” the ad declares, with all of its subsequent points in Yiddish.

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Storobin and Caller Meet to Discuss Campaign

img 6113 Storobin and Caller Meet to Discuss Campaign
Nachman Caller voting last Tuesday. (Photo: Caller campaign)

Last night, Republican State Senate candidates David Storobin and Nachman Caller met to discuss the current state of affairs in the district that they are both seeking to represent, according to multiple sources.

Each of the candidates, presumably, would prefer to have an uncontested primary so he could wade into the general election from a position of strength. One source described the meeting as partially a discussion as to who would be the stronger challenger to Democratic candidate Simcha Felder, but Michael Fragin, an adviser to Mr. Caller, described it as more of a general discussion.

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Hikind Expected to Back Felder Too

dov hikind getty2 Hikind Expected to Back Felder Too
Dov Hikid (Photo: Getty)

Two elected officials in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, Councilman David Greenfield and Assemblyman Dov Hikind, have often tacked in different directions when it comes to their political endorsements but look set to back the same candidate for the new Orthodox Jewish State Senate seat: former City Councilman Simcha Felder.

“Simcha was my chief of my staff for many years and I am excited to hear that he is running for public office again,” Mr. Hikind told Vos Iz Neias?. Continue reading “Hikind Expected to Back Felder Too”

David Greenfield Is Backing Simcha Felder

david greenfield fb David Greenfield Is Backing Simcha Felder
David Greenfield (Photo: Facebook)

If there was any question as to which candidate Councilman David Greenfield will eventually endorse for the new, heavily Orthodox Jewish State Senate seat in Brooklyn, that ended tonight.

“I encouraged him to run,” Mr. Greenfield said of the Democratic former City Councilman on Nachum Segal’s radio show. “The reality is Simcha Felder is the gold standard of Orthodox Jewish elected officials. He’s somebody who’s been working for the community for years. He genuinely cares about the community. He’s consistently delivered for the community.”

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Noach Dear Making Calls About Jumping Into State Senate Race

noach dear Noach Dear Making Calls About Jumping Into State Senate Race
Noach Dear (photo: .nycourts.gov)

Former City Councilman Noach Dear could be about to enter the State Senate race for a heavily Orthodox Jewish seat in Brooklyn.

The news was first reported by Yossi Gestetner, who tweeted Mr. Dear “is calling around friends telling them he is 90% ready” to announce his candidacy. Sources subsequently confirmed to The Politicker that Mr. Dear is indeed making calls about the run.

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