Muslims Rally for Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio at the Muslim rally today.
Bill de Blasio at the Muslim rally today.

With just three weeks to go before Election Day, Muslim leaders and activists gathered in Brooklyn to rally for Bill de Blasio today, hoping their various grievances with the Bloomberg administration would be addressed by a more sympathetic mayor. Continue reading “Muslims Rally for Bill de Blasio”

Pete King on Boston Suspect: ‘What in the Community Radicalized Him?’

SWAT team prepares at  the Watertown Mall (Photo: Getty)
SWAT team prepares at the Watertown Mall (Photo: Getty)

With the news that two of the suspected terrorists from last Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing have roots in the Russia’s Muslim-dominated Chechnyan region, Long Island Congressman Pete King says the United States “can’t afford to be politically correct” with its immigration policies anymore.

“I do believe that whether it’s Chechnya or whether it’s really any countries from areas where there is fighting going on–particularly terrorist fighting–that we have to be extra careful, extra scrupulous,” Mr. King argued during a PIX 11 interview earlier this afternoon. “That would include, to me, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia [and] obviously …. somebody of a Chechnyan background. All of that, to me, we can’t afford to be politically correct and say that somebody coming from a country where there’s a Muslim war going on is the same as somebody … from Switzerland, for instance. There’s a difference.”

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Ray Kelly: NYPD ‘Under Attack’ From The AP

ray kelly ny1 Ray Kelly: NYPD Under Attack From The AP
(Photo: NY1)

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly went on Inside City Hall last night to discuss, among other things, his department’s controversial surveillance of Muslim businesses and communities unearthed by The Associated Press.

“We’re sort of under attack,” Mr. Kelly said, arguing the AP fostered a narrative that his department has done something illegal. “The AP has done over 30 stories. It’s pretty tough to go up against a wire service that has a certain template that it’s sticking to.”

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Advocacy Groups Send Letter To Eric Holder Asking Him To Investigate NYPD’s Muslim Surveillance

ray kelly Advocacy Groups Send Letter To Eric Holder Asking Him To Investigate NYPDs Muslim Surveillance
Ray Kelly (Photo: Getty)

A group of 110 advocacy and activist organizations teamed together to send a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder today asking him to investigate whether the NYPD violated the constitutional rights of American Muslims with its widespread Muslim surveillance program. Signatories of the letter included; the New York Chapter of the NAACP, Occupy Wall Street, Muslim Advocates, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice and the Muslim Bar Associations of New York, D.C., Florida, Southern California and Chicago.

“The NYPD appears to have targeted individuals and communities for surveillance based upon nothing more than their faith. Such measures are just the latest manifestation of the NYPD’s discriminatory practices against racial, religious, and ethnic minorities,” the letter said. “In light of the breadth of information now available, we strongly urge the Department of Justice to commence a prompt investigation into NYPD surveillance of Muslims in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, including determining whether potentially unlawful surveillance continues.” Continue reading “Advocacy Groups Send Letter To Eric Holder Asking Him To Investigate NYPD’s Muslim Surveillance”

Ray Kelly Defends NYPD On Stop & Frisk And Muslim Surveillance At Heated Council Hearing

538519317 Ray Kelly Defends NYPD On Stop & Frisk And Muslim Surveillance At Heated Council Hearing
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly during his testimony before the City Council Public Safety Committee hearing. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly fielded questions on the department’s controversial stop-and-frisk and Muslim surveillance programs during a contentious hearing of the City Council Public Safety Committee. Mr. Kelly was ostensibly testifying about the NYPD’s preliminary budget for the coming fiscal year, but the hearing quickly turned into a heated discussion of the department’s most controversial policies when committee members questioned the commissioner following his testimony. Continue reading “Ray Kelly Defends NYPD On Stop & Frisk And Muslim Surveillance At Heated Council Hearing”

Peter Vallone Says Attorney General Eric Holder Has No Business Criticizing The NYPD

peter vallone headshot Peter Vallone Says Attorney General Eric Holder Has No Business Criticizing The NYPD
Peter Vallone Jr.

In a post on his Facebook wall last night, Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. slammed Attorney General Eric Holder for weighing in on the controversy over the NYPD’s widespread surveillance of the Muslim community. Mr. Vallone cited Mr. Holder’s role in the “Fast and Furious” scandal where the ATF lost guns used in a sting operation and said the attorney general has no business criticizing the NYPD.

“just heard AG Holder is ‘concerned’ about the NYPD . really? you’re concerned about surveillance that anyone with a computer and a car could do but apparently unconcerned that you ‘lost’ 2000 firearms to drug dealers and terrorists to use against the NYPD???,” Mr. Vallone wrote. Continue reading “Peter Vallone Says Attorney General Eric Holder Has No Business Criticizing The NYPD”

Rudy Giuliani: ‘Some of These Mosques Are Focal Points For Attacking And Killing Us’

rudy giuliani muslim spying Rudy Giuliani: Some of These Mosques Are Focal Points For Attacking And Killing Us
Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Getty)
Before his speech at the Bronx Chamber of Commerce Irish Heritage Luncheon today former mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke to reporters and he was asked about the NYPD’s controversial surveillance of the Muslim community. Mr. Giuliani defended the police department and said law enforcement agencies shouldn’t stop pursuing potential threats in the Muslim community because of political correctness.

“I have great respect for the Muslim religion and I know it well. I’m one of the few people that’s read the Koran and I have great respect for it, but there is a group of people, they’re bad, they don’t represent Islam, but they represent a distortion of Islam, that are islamic extremists,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Some of these mosques are focal points for attacking and killing us, and if the FBI and the police were to close their eyes to that, they would not be protecting us. And if they take heat from people who think political correctness is more important than safety, I’m sorry about that.”

The police department has come under fire in recent weeks due to a series of reports in the Associated Press documenting the NYPD’s widespread surveillance of Muslim student groups and mosques throughout the metropolitan area. Though Mr. Giuliani defended the department’s decision to aggressively investigate the Muslim community, he took pains to point out not all Muslims are involved in terrorism.

“Look, I was the first one after September 11th to say no one should be blamed on this based on group blame. The Islamic community is just as good, just as important to this city as every other community. They shouldn’t be singled out and they shouldn’t be hurt in any way,” Mr. Giuliani said.

Mr. Giuliani cited the 2009 shootings at Fort Hood, which were perpetrated by Nidal Hasan Malik, a Muslim Army major who had previously drew the attention of the FBI for ties to extremists, as an example of a case where excessive political correctness prevented law enforcement from doing the right thing.

“I’m going to explain to you an attack that took place in this country that I believe happened because of political correctness,” Mr. Giuliani said. “Major Hasan attacked and killed people and Major Hasan was a well known Islamic extremist who was promoted to the rank of major in the Army because people were afraid to deal with someone who was an Islamic extremist the way they would anybody else.”

The NYPD’s monitoring of Muslims included forays to New Jersey, which has angered some officials there. Mr. Giuliani said he understood why the NYPD would be concerned with a potential terrorism threat from the Garden State.

“The 1993 attack on the World Trade Center was planed in a mosque in New Jersey. The blind sheik who went to jail for 100 years … that blind sheik was planning to blow up our bridges and our tunnels, he went to jail for 100 years, he came from New Jersey,” Mr. Giuliani said. “All during the time I was mayor, we would consistently arrest people with ties to various mosques in New Jersey, Union City, Newark. Now, I don’t know if the situation’s still the same, it doesn’t surprise me that the New York City Police Department has a great concern with mosques in New Jersey.”

The Associated Press reports on the NYPD’s surveillance of the Muslim community imply the department overstepped their bounds with its spying program. Mr. Giuliani dismissed this idea and said he wasn’t sure whether their reports were “exaggerated.”

“The reality is, the Associated Press, last time I checked, is not a court or a jury. Associated Press doesn’t get to decide whether somebody goes beyond the law or not. In my system of justice that I learned in law school, that gets decided by a judge, a jury, a court,” Mr. Giuliani said. “I don’t know if the AP reports are exaggerated, I don’t know if they’re exaggerated in the name of political correctness. I don’t know if they’re correct. They may be correct, but I certainly wouldn’t make a bad judgment about the best polce department in the country and probably the best police commissioner in the country based on just a report in the newspaper.”