Councilman Blasts ‘Blatant Bigotry’ in HBO Documentary on the Catholic Church

Eric Ulrich (Photo: Facebook)
Eric Ulrich (Photo: Facebook)

This morning, Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich took to his Facebook page to post a scathing review of Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in The House of God, an HBO documentary on the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the Catholic Church. Mr. Ulrich had several issues with the film, which he characterized as “an exploitive and biased account of a dark chapter in the history of the Catholic Church.”

“As a proud Roman Catholic, I am truly offended by the blatant bigotry contained in HBO’s so-called documentary Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in The House of God,” Mr. Ulrich wrote. “It accuses His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI of being complicit in covering up sex abuses cases involving Catholic priests and unfairly criticizes the late Pope John Paul II. Above all, its chock full of anti-catholic rhetoric and demonizes members of the clergy (most of whom are dedicated, compassionate and pious men).” Continue reading “Councilman Blasts ‘Blatant Bigotry’ in HBO Documentary on the Catholic Church”

Ed Koch Would Have Liked to See Justin Timberlake Nude in New Movie

ed koch thumbs up getty Ed Koch Would Have Liked to See Justin Timberlake Nude in New Movie
Ed Koch (Photo: Getty)

Former Mayor Ed Koch is an avid movie watcher who maintains an email list where  he sends out his reviews. His review of the news sports drama “Trouble with the Curve” was released earlier today and it is particularly amusing. Mr. Koch, who labeled the film “really bad,” was clearly not a fan.

Specifically, he was upset with the lack of on-screen romance between the film’s two younger stars.

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Spike Lee on Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban And The Time He Said ‘What’s Up’ to Mitt Romney

147691947 Spike Lee on Mayor Bloombergs Soda Ban And The Time He Said Whats Up to Mitt Romney
Spike Lee (Photo: Getty)

Director Spike Lee gave a lengthy interview to New York magazine to promote his upcoming film Red Hook Summer and he shared his thoughts on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial soda ban and the presidential election. Initially, Mr. Lee’s only comment on the mayor was that he’s a “fellow New York Knicks season-ticket holder,” but after some prodding from New York contributing editor Will Leitch, Mr. Lee went on to say he thinks Mr. Bloomberg’s legacy “took a blow” with his pursuit of a third term. Though Mr. Lee didn’t seem too supportive of Mr. Bloomberg maneuvering around the old two term limit, he gave the soda ban a much more positive review.

“I’m in favor of it. Look, when I was growing up in Brooklyn, we had gym, and you had to run. You had some physical activity. Children today in public schools across the country are not being taught art, are not being taught music, and they have no physical ed. Obesity is a major, major problem in this country,” Mr. Lee said. “Americans—we’re just obese. It’s crazy. Ask ­African-Americans. We are way over ­index on obesity, which means we are over index on diabetes, heart disease, and it goes down the line.” Continue reading “Spike Lee on Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban And The Time He Said ‘What’s Up’ to Mitt Romney”

Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Dictator’ Endorses Mitt Romney [Video]

485713 369357009761983 299907593373592 1141533 1608175964 n Sacha Baron Cohens Dictator Endorses Mitt Romney [Video]
A portrait of Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen. (Photo: Facebook)

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen held a press conference yesterday in full costume as his character from his upcoming film The Dictator, Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen, leader of the made up North African nation of Wadiya. The fictional despot was asked to make an endorsement in the presidential race.

“If it was money that I was giving, I support and I give my full support to Mitchell Romney,” Mr. Cohen, er, Mr. Aladeen said. “He has the makings of a great dictator. He is incredibly wealthy, but pays no taxes and it’s not much of a leap to go from firing people to firing squads, and from putting pets on the top of a car to putting political dissidents on the top of them. He taught me how to do that.” Continue reading “Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Dictator’ Endorses Mitt Romney [Video]”

Robert Greenwald Screens His Anti-Koch Brothers Documentary

51199056 Robert Greenwald Screens His Anti Koch Brothers Documentary
Robert Greenwald at a screening in 2004. (Photo: Getty)

Documentarian Robert Greenwald screened a portion of his upcoming documentary, Koch Brothers Exposed, at a lunch in midtown hosted by The Common Good today. In the documentary, Mr. Greenwald, who previously directed exposés about Fox News and Walmart, makes the case billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch are having a “dire impact” on “core American values” through their political donations to conservative think tanks, activist groups and politicians.

“They fund ideas, which are think tanks, then they fund pundits who go out and talk about those ideas, then they fund grassroots groups,” Mr. Greenwald said at the screening adding that  these grassroots groups help give the impression there is popular support for these ideas. “And then and only then, they begin to fund the politicians who will impose their ideas from their scripts. It’s a very different model and a very important idea, I think, in terms of how they work. And to their credit, I don’t agree with them, but to their credit, very smart use of their dollars and a thoughtful use of their dollars that has resulted in significant impact.” Continue reading “Robert Greenwald Screens His Anti-Koch Brothers Documentary”

Palin Stylist’s ‘Game Change’ Gripe: Sarah ‘Never’ Mispronounced Jimmy Choo

julianne moore sarah palin Palin Stylists Game Change Gripe: Sarah Never Mispronounced Jimmy Choo
Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in "Game Change." (Photo: HBO Films)

Sarah Palin’s former stylist, Lisa Kline, appeared on a pro-Palin internet radio show dedicated to debunking HBO’s controversial 2008 election drama “Game Change” today to say her boss took fashion very seriously in spite of the way she’s depicted in the movie. Ms. Kline gave “Game Change” a generally positive review, but she quibbled with a scene that showed the actress Julianne Moore portraying Ms. Palin mispronouncing the name of fashion designer Jimmy Choo and taking a cavalier attitude toward her clothing.

“The only specific scene that I have a problem with is when Julianne as the character Sarah mispronounced Jimmy Choo. It was only a small dramatic license, but that never happened, and they also portray Sarah as having fun with the clothing and the real Sarah took it more seriously,” Ms. Kline said in her appearance on “Sarah Palin Radio.” Continue reading “Palin Stylist’s ‘Game Change’ Gripe: Sarah ‘Never’ Mispronounced Jimmy Choo”

‘Game Change’ Screenwriter Wishes Sarah Palin Would Watch His Movie Before Bashing It

julianne moore sarah palin Game Change Screenwriter Wishes Sarah Palin Would Watch His Movie Before Bashing It
Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in “Game Change.” (Photo: HBO Films)

Earlier today Sarah Palin’s political action committee released a video and statement slamming HBO’s 2008 election drama “Game Change” as being “fiction” filled with “the half-baked truths and fabrications of the liberal left.” Danny Strong, the movie’s writer and co-executive producer, responded by telling The Politicker he wishes Ms. Palin watched the film before criticizing it. HBO offered to screen “Game Change” for Ms. Palin, but she declined. Ms. Palin’s video included clips that she said show the “real” story of her campaign and Mr. Strong said some of the exact same footage appears in his film.

“Everything in that video is in the movie. If they would have seen the film before they attacked it, they would know that we have dramatized everything that they put in their video that Sarah Palin supporters are proud of,” Mr. Strong said. “She really is a dynamic person that did a lot of amazing things for that campaign.” Continue reading “‘Game Change’ Screenwriter Wishes Sarah Palin Would Watch His Movie Before Bashing It”