Michele Bachmann Tries to Make a ‘Money Bomb’ to Fight Her ‘Ruthlessly Liberal Millionaire Opponent’

michelebachmannemail Michele Bachmann Tries to Make a Money Bomb to Fight Her Ruthlessly Liberal Millionaire Opponent
Congresswoman Michele Bachamnn (Getty)

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is currently facing a close re-election fight against Jim Graves, a Democratic hotel magnate with an estimated worth of $22 million and $111 million to bolster his campaign war chest. This morning, her campaign manager, Chase Kroll, launched an effort to raise a $500,000 “‘Shield Our Values’ money-bomb” to help Ms. Bachmann with “the fight of her life.”

“The press has reported on it, our opponent has relished in it and, unfortunately, it’s a reality our campaign just has to deal with: Michele Bachmann is in one of her toughest campaigns ever,” Mr. Kroll wrote in his email to supporters. “With a ruthlessly liberal millionaire opponent who isn’t afraid to spend his substantial wealth on lies and false attacks, Michele is facing the fight of her life. Between her opponent, national Democrats, and liberal SuperPACs, she’s surrounded on all sides. Only one thing can help her fight back: your financial support.”  Continue reading “Michele Bachmann Tries to Make a ‘Money Bomb’ to Fight Her ‘Ruthlessly Liberal Millionaire Opponent’”

Michele Bachmann to Barney Frank: ‘Welcome to Minnesota’

welcome to minnesota barney Michele Bachmann to Barney Frank: Welcome to Minnesota
A still from Michele Bachmann’s new video. (Photo: YouTube)

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is heading to Minnesota tomorrow to appear at a fundraiser for his fellow Democrat, Jim Graves, who is running against congresswoman and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Ms. Bachmann’s campaign marked the occasion by releasing a video yesterday entitled “Barney Frank is Coming to Town.”

“Roll out the red carpet, shine up your shoes, but hide your wallets,” a narrator says in the clip as a jazzy soundtrack plays. “Jim Graves needs a little more campaign cash, so he’s doing what any good Wall Street banker, auto executive and corporate welfare fan would do: Ask Barney Frank to bring in the bucks.” Continue reading “Michele Bachmann to Barney Frank: ‘Welcome to Minnesota’”

Biden Says Obama Administration’s Republican Critics ‘Sound Like Squealing Pigs’

ows 2 biden e1319474363131 Biden Says Obama Administrations Republican Critics Sound Like Squealing Pigs
Joe Biden (Photo: Getty)

Another day, another controversial soundbite from Vice President Joe Biden. Exactly one week after he caused a stir by suggesting Mitt Romney’s economic policies would enable banks to put people “back in chains,” Mr. Biden raised eyebrows this afternoon with a speech in Minneapolis likening Mr. Romney and his fellow Republicans to “squealing pigs.” Mr. Biden made his analogy when describing a series of achievements he believes the Obama administration has made in spite of “Republican obstructionism” including creating “200,000 brand new good paying jobs,” “rescu[ing] the automobile industry,” standing up to China and reforming the financial industry.

“Over the objection–though they sound like squealing pigs–over the objections of Romney and all his allies, we passed the toughest Wall Street regulations in history, turning Wall Street back into the allocator of capital it always has been and no longer a casino, and they want to repeal it,” Mr. Biden said.  Continue reading “Biden Says Obama Administration’s Republican Critics ‘Sound Like Squealing Pigs’”

Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick

136569253 Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick
Tim Pawlenty campaigning with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire in January. (Photo: Getty)

Just four days after claiming Condoleezza Rice was the “frontrunner” in Mitt Romney’s veepstakes, the Drudge Report is claiming Mr. Romney has “made his decision” and decided on former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

The Drudge Report’s proprietor, Matt Drudge reportedly has a close relationship with Mr. Romney’s campaign manager Matt Rhoades. Mr. Drudge’s close connections to the Romney campaign make it possible he has some inside information about the vice presidential vetting process, but it has also led to speculation he may be trying to shift the conversation away from the continuing controversy over Mr. Romney’s departure from Bain Capital.

This time around, Mr. Drudge pegged his claim to a New York Times report that Mr. Romney is considering tapping Mr. Pawlenty. Officially, the Romney campaign is not commenting on the veepstakes rumors.

“We don’t discuss VP speculation,” Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul told The PolitickerContinue reading “Matt Drudge Names Another Potential Romney Veep Pick”

Rick Santorum Wins Minnesota

rick santorum blacks Rick Santorum Wins Minnesota
Rick Santorum (Getty)

Rick Santorum won his second straight state tonight with a victory in the Minnesota GOP caucus. NBC News declared Mr. Santorum the winner in Minnesota a little over two hours after the polls closed. CNN chimed in a short while later. Unlike his earlier win in Missouri this evening, his Minnesota victory will actually earn him some delegates. Continue reading “Rick Santorum Wins Minnesota”