The Mindy Meyer Song [Video]

the groggers mindy The Mindy Meyer Song [Video]
(Photo: YouTube)

Sometimes memes just won’t go away.

And, although Mindy Meyer’s candidacy for the State Senate took the nation by storm, the constant news about her campaign has substantially died down from its initial fury. Nevertheless, some are still appreciative of her decidedly pink outlook on politics.

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Mindy Meyer Claims ‘Very Big Gay Following … From the Streets’ [Video]

mindy meyer Mindy Meyer Claims Very Big Gay Following ... From the Streets [Video]

Last night, Conservative State Senate candidate Mindy “Diva of the District” Meyer went on Yetta Kurland Live, which was certainly a new environment for the young celebrity candidate who has gained national attention for her dazzling website, even though she has little chance in her extremely Democratic district. Notably, the show’s callers and its outspokenly progressive host, Ms. Kurland, pressed Ms. Meyer to explain her actual positions on issues again and again, generating an interesting exchange.

“I’ve been involved with education, also I’m not alive enough to have actively done anything,” Ms. Meyer said, for example, when a caller asked her if she has any accomplishments she can point to. “I’m running for Senate right now because I want to make a difference and I want the power to do that change, but there’s nothing I’ve actively done.”

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Mindy Meyer Does Not Have a Super PAC

friendzofmindy Mindy Meyer Does Not Have a Super PAC
Friendz of Mindy Meyer (Photo: Facebook)

Mindy Meyer, the brash 22-year-old self-proclaimed “diva” running for State Senate in Brooklyn, told The Politicker she has nothing to do with a “Friendz of Mindy Meyer” “super PAC” that released a campaign web video and created a Facebook page on her behalf.

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On The Campaign Trail With Brooklyn ‘Diva’ Mindy Meyer [Video]

mindymeyer On The Campaign Trail With Brooklyn Diva Mindy Meyer [Video]
Mindy Meyer working her magic in the 21st district. (Photo: Animal New York)

The good people at Animal New York spent an afternoon walking the streets of the 21st State Senate district in Brooklyn with self-proclaimed “diva” candidate Mindy Meyer and captured incredible footage of the 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish woman’s decidedly unorthodox campaigning techniques. Ms. Meyer spends most of the video greeting constituents and basically berating them with her voice at full volume.

“I’m not your typical senator. Do I look like your typical senator?” Ms. Meyer asks one voter.

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Celebrity ‘Diva’ Candidate Mindy Meyer Seems Set to Lose Republican Line

mindy meyer Celebrity Diva Candidate Mindy Meyer Seems Set to Lose Republican Line
A photo of Mindy Meyer on her campaign website, featuring her in Washington D.C. instead of Albany.

Mindy Meyer suddenly made headlines around the country yesterday when her extremely, extremely pink campaign website was discovered and enjoyed by politicos all over. Among other things, the site blasted pop music, declared, in sparkling silver, “I’m Senator And I Know It,” and effectively provided a photo shoot of her in different poses in the “Issues” section.

As the Republican and Conservative candidate for a very Democratic State Senate district in Central Brooklyn, however, she was and is a long shot for the seat. What’s more, it seems that her paperwork wasn’t properly filed in order to run on the Republican line, making her already remote chances slightly even more so.

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State Senate Candidate Mindy Meyer Proclaims Herself ‘DIVA OF THE DISTRICT’

mindyfeature State Senate Candidate Mindy Meyer Proclaims Herself DIVA OF THE DISTRICT
Mindy Meyer is Senator and she knows it. (Photo:

Mindy Meyer, a 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish intern in Kings County Supreme Court, is running  on the Republican and Conservative party lines against Democrat Kevin Parker in Brooklyn’s new 21st Senate District, but her official website is decidedly unorthodox.

The page features a hot pink background and the electropop duo LMFAO’s hit song “Sexy And I Know It” as a soundtrack. On top of the site there is a picture of Ms. Meyer behind a podium encrusted with computerized diamonds and similarly blinged out text spelling out her LMFAO-inspired slogan, “I’m Senator And I Know It.” The fun doesn’t stop there, Ms. Meyer’s page also boasts a section on“The Issues” headlined by all caps, faux leopard print text proclaiming her the “DIVA OF THE DISTRICT.” Continue reading “State Senate Candidate Mindy Meyer Proclaims Herself ‘DIVA OF THE DISTRICT’”