Bill Thompson Rides the Dov Hikind Express Through Midwood

Bill Thompson and Dov Hikind today.
Bill Thompson and Dov Hikind today.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind wanted every last soul in Midwood to vote for Bill Thompson.

The Brooklyn pol, a powerbroker in the Orthodox Jewish community, aggressively escorted Mr. Thompson through a Midwood shopping strip today, buying him gefilte fish, low-carb muffins and even enticing the typically demure mayoral candidate to rush into traffic and shake hands with an idling bus driver.

“Things are different, things have changed, the support now is absolutely amazing,” said Mr. Hikind, comparing Mr. Thompson’s support in the Jewish community today versus four years ago, when he narrowly lost to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “You can see it on the street, from all people by the way, not just the Jewish community … The bottom line is this: I support people who I think are going to be best. I don’t look at poll numbers.”

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Anthony Weiner Does Midwood

Anthony Weiner talking to Charlie in his announcement video. (YouTube)
Anthony Weiner talking to Charlie in his announcement video. (YouTube)

In Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign announcement video, released early this morning, the former congressman visits a number of locations, including his childhood home in Park Slope, his current Park Avenue South residence and two small businesses in the Midwood section of his old congressional district.

“If you’re trying to run a business on a neighborhood shopping strip like this one, you’re drowning in regulations that nickle and dime you to death,” Mr. Weiner says as he stands on the corner of Kings Highway and East 18th Street in southeastern Brooklyn. “The very people who put everything they had into this city are getting priced right out of it.”

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Dov Hikind Praises Proposed ‘Super Jewish’ Senate District

 Dov Hikind Praises Proposed Super Jewish Senate District
Dov Hikind (Photo: NYS Assembly)

Many local politicians were unhappy with the proposed legislative lines released yesterday by Albany’s redistricting task force, but Assemblyman Dov Hikind said the plans for the “Super Jewish” Senate District 17 are “absolutely wonderful.”

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