David Axelrod Signs on at MSNBC and NBC News

David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)

President Barack Obama’s longtime strategy guru David Axelrod has signed on for a post-campaign gig as a “senior political analyst” for NBC News and MSNBC. Mr. Axelrod previously served as a senior strategist for President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. During the president’s first term, he was on the White House staff as a senior advisor. Continue reading “David Axelrod Signs on at MSNBC and NBC News”

Michael Steele’s Lunch Date With Pauly Shore

michael steele pauly shore Michael Steeles Lunch Date With Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore and Michael Steele (Photos: Getty)
Former RNC chairman and MSNBC analyst Michael Steele is currently having a rather interesting power lunch with 90’s stoner comic Pauly Shore. As we speak, the pair are sitting down to a meal at D.C. landmark Ben’s Chili Bowl. Continue reading “Michael Steele’s Lunch Date With Pauly Shore”