Did a Canarsie Council Race Lead To ‘Pressure’ In Brooklyn Delegation Leadership Vote? [Update]

jumaane williams fb Did a Canarsie Council Race Lead To Pressure In Brooklyn Delegation Leadership Vote? [Update]
Jumaane Williams (Photo: Facebook)

Multiple sources inside the City Council have told The Politicker the race between Frank Seddio and Mercedes Narcisse to potentially succeed Councilman Lew Fidler in Brooklyn’s 46th District had a major impact on the vote for leadership of the Council’s Brooklyn delegation. Council members are voted to elect a chair of the Brooklyn delegation this afternoon and the main nominees were Jumaane Williams, David Greenfield and Darlene Mealy. Mr. Greenfield and Ms. Mealy won the vote and some insiders believe Mr. Williams was not elected to one of the chair positions because he hasn’t endorsed Mr. Seddio.

“If it were important for him to be Brooklyn delegation chair, he’s been told he would need to support Frank Seddio in order to ensure the votes in the delegation,” a Council insider said. “There is obviously pressure being put on Jumaane.”

Mr. Seddio vociferously denied the idea his race played a role in the Brooklyn leadership vote.

“I don’t believe that for one second that that’s the case,” he said. “I have no role in it. I’m flattered that I get something to say about something I have no title to. I wasn’t aware of it. I know nothing about it.”

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Old Friends Battle For Lew Fidler’s Council Seat

mercedesandfrank Old Friends Battle For Lew Fidlers Council Seat
Frank Seddio and Mercedes Narcisse (Photo: Facebook)

Mercedes Narcisse told The Politicker she doesn’t “tolerate” the “sense of entitlement” her old friend, Frank Seddio, is bringing to the race to fill Lew Fidler’s seat in the City Council if Mr. Fidler is successful in his run for State Senate.

“Since I registered in 2007, if Frank decided to run against me, he’s supposed to let me know,” Ms. Narcisse said. “If he doesn’t let me know, that means he has a sense of entitlement. So, that I don’t tolerate. I think that it should be a seat with democratic process.”

Mr. Fidler is running to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger, who was forced to step down after pleading guilty to corruption charges in December. The special election for Mr. Kruger’s seat is scheduled for next month and, if Mr. Fidler is victorious, there will be another special election to fill his Council seat shortly after. Mr. Seddio said he doesn’t understand Ms. Narcisse’s criticism of him as entitled given the unique situation that led up to their race.

“I’m not sure what that means, I mean, truthfully, in a normal circumstance, this election would be held next year,’ Mr. Seddio said. “I dont know how far in advance you tell people you’re running for something. Isn’t it about weighing about all the options?”

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Frank Seddio Planning City Council Bid

378686 218072861613100 218060301614356 485071 1852692719 n 1 Frank Seddio Planning City Council Bid
Frank Seddio (Photo: Facebook)

Frank Seddio is planning a bid to fill Lew Fidler’s City Council seat in Brooklyn’s 46th District.

“I was going to run in 2013 anyway, but I haven’t really begun anything until this week,” Mr. Seddio told The Politicker. “I will be putting together a committee pretty shortly, probably focusing on 2013, but if it becomes open, I’m definitely running.

Yesterday, Councilman Lew Fidler formally launched his campaign to fill the State Senate vacated by Carl Kruger, who resigned before pleading guilty to federal corruption charges.

“Frankly, and I’m not just being coy about it, my main concern right now is that Lew Fidler wins the State Senate seat and we don’t have a second Republican senator in our area of Brooklyn,” Mr. Seddio said. “If he does win, his seat is probably going to open up in March.

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Mercedes Narcisse to Launch Campaign for Lew Fidler's Seat Next Thursday

narcisse Mercedes Narcisse to Launch Campaign for Lew Fidler's Seat Next Thursday
Mercedes Narcisse, via Facebook

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