City Council Debates Medical Marijuana Resolution

Council members converse before vote today for medical marijuana resolution.
Council members converse before today’s vote for a medical marijuana-related resolution.

The New York City Council’s health committee gathered today to discuss a hot-button issue being considered by a legislative body far from home: medical marijuana legislation currently before the U.S. Congress.

In a 6-to-0 vote, a resolution was sent to the full council, urging the federal government to approve the Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, which would take medical marijuana off the federal list of controlled substances and enable certified medical providers and researchers to prescribe or access the drug without the threat of prosecution. But the unanimous vote didn’t mean a lack of dissent.  Continue reading “City Council Debates Medical Marijuana Resolution”

Multiple New Marijuana Proposals Waft Towards Albany

Seattle resident displaying a bag of marijuana shortly after a lew legalizing recreational use of the drug took effect in Washington State last month. (Photo: Getty)
Seattle resident displaying a bag of marijuana shortly after a lew legalizing recreational use of the drug took effect in Washington State last month. (Photo: Getty)

While a growing number of states have been legalizing medical and even recreational use of marijuana, the popular plant remains illegal in New York. However, an upcoming pair of new medical marijuana bills in the Legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to decriminalize possession of small amounts of the drug may signal the Empire State is on its way to looser marijuana regulations.  Continue reading “Multiple New Marijuana Proposals Waft Towards Albany”

Roseanne In The Rose Garden?

web rosanne drew friedman Roseanne In The Rose Garden?
Illustration, by Drew Friedman

“I’m loving it,” said Roseanne Barr, recently announced presidential candidate. “I find that I can be more honest in politics than in Hollywood.”

Not that she’s ever been accused of demurring in either realm.

Seeking to run on the Green Party line, Ms. Barr’s presidential bid, she said, is primarily motivated by her dissatisfaction with both major political parties—in particular their candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, whom she referred to as “total buffoons.”

“That’s what I say: I’m the only serious comedian in this race,” Ms. Barr added.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, including rollicking standup performances, a watershed sitcom and a memorable performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Ms. Barr has been at turns provocative, endearing, innovative and combative. As of February, she has turned her considerable personality toward the interests of the American electorate. In a pair of lengthy interviews with The Observer, she outlined not only her political aspirations, but the possibility of returning to television—and not necessarily in the way you would expect. Continue reading “Roseanne In The Rose Garden?”

Mitt Romney Does Not Want To Talk About Medical Marijuana [Video]

143997972 Mitt Romney Does Not Want To Talk About Medical Marijuana [Video]
Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney was appalled when a reporter asked him about medical marijuana during an interview with a local CBS affiliate in Colorado today. He responded by angrily listing off a list of questions he’d prefer to be asked.

“Aren’t there issues? Aren’t there issues of significance that youd like to talk about? The economy? The growth of jobs? The need to put people back to work? The challenges of Iran? We’ve got enormous issues that we face,” Mr. Romney said.

The reporter, Shaun Boyd, replied that medical marijuana is “a significant issue” in Colorado, where it was legalized in 2000. Mr. Romney reluctantly agreed to discuss the topic. Continue reading “Mitt Romney Does Not Want To Talk About Medical Marijuana [Video]”