Koch and the Cuomos: A Tale of Feuds and Forgiveness

Ed Koch (Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)
Ed Koch (Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)

Andrew Cuomo is among the mourners attending Ed Koch’s funeral today in Manhattan, but the governor and his family didn’t always enjoy the best relationship with the former mayor.

Koch ran against Governor Cuomo’s father, Mario, twice. They first faced off when Koch made it to City Hall in the 1977 mayoral election. In 1982, Koch ran for governor and was defeated by the elder Mr. Cuomo. The 1977 campaign included an incident where posters alluding to the widespread rumors about Mr. Koch’s sexuality by proclaiming “Vote For Cuomo, Not The Homo” were placed all along Queens Boulevard.

This situation evidently caused a lasting rift between Koch and the Cuomos. However in one of his final interviews with Politicker, Koch explained the signs weren’t among the reasons he initially had issues with Cuomo the younger.  Continue reading “Koch and the Cuomos: A Tale of Feuds and Forgiveness”

Cuomo Compares Sticking Up For Rich People To Battling The Death Penalty

cuomo death penalty Cuomo Compares Sticking Up For Rich People To Battling The Death Penalty
Governor Andrew Cuomo (Getty)

For New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, standing up for his richest constituents is a matter of life and death.

Governor Cuomo revealed how he feels about the so-called “millionaire’s tax” when he compared his opposition to the popular tax to his father, former Governor Mario Cuomo, battling the death penalty at a press conference in Albany this afternoon.  Continue reading “Cuomo Compares Sticking Up For Rich People To Battling The Death Penalty”

Morning Read: Jurors Asked Their Opinion of Bloomberg; Mayor Gives His to U.N.;Deputies Living Large and Living Elsewhere

In violation of an executive order, deputy mayor Robert Steel seems to live in Connecticut–The Daily News busted him there wearing “golf shoes, shorts and a preppie sweater.”

…And OEM Director Skip Funk apparently lives in Florida.

Mario Cuomo is the lead investor in a group hoping to acquire a bank which would then create a new line of lending aimed at struggling municipalities, setting up a possible conflict of his interest with his son.

The NYPD placed an undercover cop at a Ground Zero Mosque protest last year.

Jonathan Lippmann is calling for a less punitive approach to juvenile offenders, sending some to family court first.

Dennis Walcott announced that the city would open 50 new middle schools in the next two years.

At the United Nations yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg spoke about the city’s public health efforts, and “he took full advantage of the opportunity to brag, to indulge in his inner scold and to give a plug to Bloomberg Philanthropies and his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, for their work on public health,” Anemona Hartocollis writes.

Common Cause is breaking with other groups calling for an independent redistricting commission in favor of strict criteria over how lines are drawn.

Justice Department lawyers are asking a federal judge to move up the date of New York state’s primary election because local election officials have failed to mail ballots in time to military personnel and other Americans overseas.

Prospective jurors in the John Haggerty trial are  being asked their opinion of Mayor Bloomberg.

About 50 of Manhattan’s most popular restaurants are being forced to explain how they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Walmart foes predict an influx of superstores if the retail giant is able to get a toehold in NYC.

Texting while driving tickets are going up.

A look at what it would actually take for Barack Obama to lose New York.



Morning Read: 'Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo'

9906882 standard Morning Read: 'Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo'
986 - Governor Mario Cuomo shoots a basketball in the Youthland area during his visit to the New York State Fair. Nicholas Lisi / The Post-Standard

2012: Buffet hosts Obama fund-raiser on 9/30 at Four Seasons; $38,000 VIPs get 1hr Q&A with Goolsbee. [Page Six]

2012: “Libby Pataki, who never craved limelight and who loves her life now, she’ll be supportive? Yes.” [Cindy Adams / NY Post]

2012: Pataki is probably campaigning for VP, or a job in new administration. [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

2012: “There are now rumblings from Donald Trump, a former contender for the Republican nomination, that he may run as an independent. There are certain to be others.” [Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen / WSJ]

NY-13: Possible Dem candidate Murphy has not opened a campaign account yet. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

NY-25: “Dan Maffei to run again, but district might no longer include Monroe County.” [Jill Terreri / Democratic and Chronicle]

54AD: “My job is to campaign. I don’t screen every dollar that I receive,” said Espinal, when asked about donations from a slumlord. [Erin Dunkin / Daily News]

9/11: Editors urge Bloomberg to allow clergy to pray at anniversary ceremony, noting he’s had clergy at his own inauguration. [NY Post]

China: White House says Biden finds China’s 1-child policy “repugnant.” [Aliyah Shahid / Daily News]

“Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo”: Daily News editors trash AP story about NYPD security tactics.

Security Tactics: Star-Ledger runs the AP story above the fold. [Flickr]

State Fair: Cuomo goes there today. Newspaper notes “The truth is, at the fair, Mario was at his best.” [Sean Kirst / Post-Standard]

Vacation: “[Cuomo] spent much of the last week in the Hamptons.” [Thomas Kaplan / New York Times]

Taxes: “We need real reform of the tax code in which everyone is asked to make some contribution, however small,” writes the publisher of the NY Daily News. [Mort Zuckerman / WSJ]

5 p.m.: Zuckerman discusses his op-ed on WSJ.com.

Mortage Probe: Schneiderman’s allies apply pressure to Iowa AG. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Mortgage Probe: Editors say Schneiderman is opposing the settlement deal because of politics. [NY Post]

Scandal: “Holder called the prospect of hacking ‘disgusting’ and ‘unconscionable.'” [Joseph Straw / Daily News]

DSK: “The dismissal of the charges in no way means that Strauss-Kahn is innocent.” [Leslie Crocker Snyder / Daily News]

Property Taxes: Despite 2% cap, they may rise, thanks to soaring pension costs. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

Schools: “Our safeguards have clearly worked. A comprehensive search for cheating in 2009 by city Controller William Thompson came up empty.” [Dennis Walcott / Daily News]

Teacher Evaluations: “[P]ublic-school educators can’t be deemed ineffective based only on the performance of their students.” [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Rochester: Ally of Mayor Byron Brown kicked off ballot over residency issues. [Matt Gryta and Brian Meyer / Buffalo News]

Nassau: “Does he think that if he gives the workers free hot dogs and burgers that all will be forgiven?” PBA re: Mangano’s BBQ. [Celeste Hardwick / Newsday]

Nassau: Unresolved ballot issues on Long Island make sending absentee ballots difficult. [Robert Brodsky / Newsday]

Hugh Carey's 'Independent' Run for Mayor in '69

One more note about Hugh Carey’s political career.

The New York Times obit said Carey “ran for mayor of New York as an independent, angering Democratic Party leaders and prompting predictions of his political demise.”

Here, the term “independent” most likely refers to the fact that Carey ran as a Democrat, but not with support from the any notable part of the Democratic establishment; not that he ran as something other than a Democrat. Continue reading “Hugh Carey's 'Independent' Run for Mayor in '69”