Marc Cenedella Exits U.S. Senate Race

marc cenedella 400x300 Marc Cenedella Exits U.S. Senate RaceMarc Cenedella, the CEO of who faced growing criticisms over blog posts on his website, announced this evening that he would not be challenging Senator Kirsten Gillibrand after all.

“I will not be running for the United States Senate in 2012. I have given a run careful consideration, and I believe Senator Gillibrand is beatable,” he said in a statement. “Her early and unfounded attacks on me, her weak poll numbers, and her lethargic quarterly fundraising results all point to a politician in trouble — and encourage me to challenge her.”

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Dems Dub Cenedella ‘Carl Paladino, Jr.’ GOP Sees A Smear

 Dems Dub Cenedella Carl Paladino, Jr. GOP Sees A SmearThe Mark Cenedella blogging controversy is entering its day of life today with state Democratic Party chair Jay Jacobs issuing a statement comparing the CEO of and the likely challenger to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand with another recent statewide Republican nominee.

“Marc Cenedella has taken a page out of the Carl Paladino playbook, ” Mr. Jacobs says. “This kind of behavior wasn’t acceptable for New York last year, and it’s not acceptable now. After 24 hours of excuses that were more confusing than a Hitchcock movie, he finally took responsibility for publishing this filth while trying to hide behind the ‘someone else wrote them’ defense.” Continue reading “Dems Dub Cenedella ‘Carl Paladino, Jr.’ GOP Sees A Smear”

Maragos Declines To Pile-On Cenedella

marc cenedella 400x3001 Maragos Declines To Pile On Cenedella Earlier today Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand lashed out at Marc Cenedella, CEO of The over a story in the New York Times this morning that said that the likely GOP Senate nominee kept a personal blog on the company’s website in which he wrote frequently about women, drugs and sex.

“I think it fundamentally shows a lack of judgment,” Ms. Gillibrand told reporters after a panel discussion on cyber-crime at NYU today. “And I have concerns because I feel like the nature of the rhetoric is very anti-women and very disrespectful and disregards women. And I think it’s a matter of judgment that, and a level of inappropriateness, that’s not appropriate for anyone seeking any office.” Continue reading “Maragos Declines To Pile-On Cenedella”

Harry Wilson Says It’s ‘Unlikely’ He’ll Run Against ‘Formidable’ Kirsten Gillibrand

harry wilson Harry Wilson Says Its Unlikely Hell Run Against Formidable Kirsten Gillibrand
Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson, the Republican candidate for State Comptroller in 2010, said it’s “unlikely” he’ll run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in an interview with the Buffalo News published yesterday.

“She is also a formidable candidate,” Mr. Wilson said of Senator Gillibrand. “I think she is underestimated as a candidate.”

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Potential Gillibrand Challenger Slams Senator for PIPA Support

marc cenedella 400x300 Potential Gillibrand Challenger Slams Senator for PIPA SupportMarc Cenedella, the founder and CEO of the job-hunting site and a potential 2012 opponent to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, slammed the lawmaker today for her sponsorship of a bill that he says would lead to Internet censorship.

“The bill is a bad idea for the country and it’s an even worse idea for New York,” Mr. Cenedella said.  “It could cost New York thousands of jobs.  It is a very dangerous and potentially damaging bill to the nascent information technology  community here in New York City.

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Kirsten Gillibrand Continues to Look Strong for Reelection

kirsten gillibrand wiki Kirsten Gillibrand Continues to Look Strong for Reelection
Kirsten Gillibrand (Photo: Wikimedia)

In addition to polling Governor Cuomo, Siena College also surveyed support for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who will be facing reelection in November after winning reelection in 2010 to serve the final two years of Hillary Clinton’s term. Although her favorability numbers are just a smidgen under an outright 50% majority, she dominates when paired against her largely unknown Republican opponents, making the task of defeating her a tall order.

The Sienna poll found Senator Gillibrand beating Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos 63% to 22% and former New York Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson 63% to 23%. The poll did not test the CEO of the executive job-hunting site, Marc Cenedella. Both Mr. Cenedella and Mr. Maragos are campaigning actively for the seat, while Mr. Wilson has only said that he’s considering a campaign

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Ed Cox Criticizes Kirsten Gillibrand for Fundraising Abroad

swiss flag Ed Cox Criticizes Kirsten Gillibrand for Fundraising Abroad
Switzerland's Flag (Photo: Wikimedia)

In a release entitled “GENEVA’S ZIP CODE IS: 14456 Not CH-1201,” New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox took issue with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for raising money from Americans in Europe. Senator Gillibrand is indeed in Geneva, Switzerland today as part of a fundraising tour that is also taking her through Paris and London.

“People in Geneva, Switzerland may have more money than people in Geneva, NY, but that’s no excuse to be running around the globe on a fundraising junket while there is work to be done here at home,” Chairman Cox said.   Continue reading “Ed Cox Criticizes Kirsten Gillibrand for Fundraising Abroad”