Anthony Weiner Concedes Defeat: ‘Sadly, I Was an Imperfect Messenger’

Anthony Weiner tonight.
Anthony Weiner tonight.

Despite his unrelenting claims of confidence ahead of tonight’s Democratic primary, former Congressman Anthony Weiner finally conceded he’s not going to become the next occupant of Gracie Mansion.

With more than 80 percent of precincts reporting results, Mr. Weiner trailed in a distant fifth place, holding about 5 percent of the vote as front-runner Bill de Blasio inched towards 40 percent.

But the sexting scandal-riddled former congressman absorbed the loss with no lump in his throat at Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant tonight.

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Rep. Hayworth Reflects on Her Loss: ‘It’s a Tough Life’

nan hayworth youtube Rep. Hayworth Reflects on Her Loss: Its a Tough Life
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A number of key New York congressional seats were at stake election day last week. When all the votes were counted, though there were over a half-dozen competitive races only three districts changed partisan hands. One of those belonged to Hudson Valley Rep. Nan Hayworth, a freshman Republican who came in on the Tea Party wave two years ago and narrowly lost her seat this time around to Democratic attorney Sean Patrick Maloney. On Friday, Ms. Hayworth went on Richard French Live to look back on her unsuccessful election, as well as the broader national race.

“Look, Hurricane Sandy did have an effect on the public discourse,” she contended. “There are issues of momentum that affected races like mine. The President had a substantial percentage margin over Governor Romney and we had known if there were a really large margin for the president, above say 5 points, that that would be very hard for us to overcome structurally in the new district that I was running in.”

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