Pete King Fund-Raises off Presidential Speculation

Pete KIng. (Photo: Getty)
Pete King. (Photo: Getty)

Hey, did you hear that Congressman Pete King might run for president? If you haven’t, Mr. King wants that to change.

Hours after confirming his interest in the White House to Politicker today, Mr. King fired off an email to his supporters entitled, “Rep. Peter King Mulls 2016 Presidential Bid.” In the quick missive, Mr. King says, “Recently my name has been floated as a potential 2016 Presidential candidate … I won’t rule out a possible run.”

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Long Island Pols Call on Obama to Help Stop ‘Katrina-Style Disaster’

sandy damage getty Long Island Pols Call on Obama to Help Stop Katrina Style Disaster
(Photo: Getty)

Although much of the attention has been focused on New York City, millions of Long Islanders were also caught in Hurricane Sandy’s path, with tens of thousands of them still without electricity or a regular supply of gasoline. In a statement sent out this afternoon by Nassau and Suffolk counties’ entire delegation in the State Senate, the local officials cried out for additional federal assistance. In doing so, they repeatedly raised the specter of Hurricane Katrina, the disaster that infamously marred former President George W. Bush’s administration.

“We are facing a massive, Katrina-style disaster here on Long Island that will only get worse unless all of the resources of the federal government are at our disposal. Incredibly, that hasn’t happened yet,” Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos declared in the release, the title of which warned of “More Death and Destruction.”

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Governor Cuomo Cursed Out the Utility Companies

andrew cuomo mad getty Governor Cuomo Cursed Out the Utility Companies
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One week ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo demanded the state’s utility companies step up their efforts in returning power to New Yorkers and threatened to revoke their business licenses if they failed to do so. At a press conference today, a reporter asked the governor how power companies reacted to the increasing pressure, specifically whether they were “pensive,” “mortified,” or “terrified.” Mr. Cuomo made it abundantly clear the utilities were indeed very concerned and described the uncertain terms he used to make them feel the urgency of the situation.

“All of the above,” he answered. “I think all of the above, because I’ve had the full range of conversations that you can have, so I think it’s all of the above; frightened, frustrated, embarrassed. Look, you can’t be any stronger or harsher than I have been on the utility companies. You can’t. You can’t use any language publicly, any other language that I’ve used, and I not have to worry about my daughters watching the broadcast, right? Privately, I have used language my daughters couldn’t hear, so they’ve gotten the message.”

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President Obama Signs New York Disaster Declaration

hurricane getty President Obama Signs New York Disaster Declaration
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Earlier this morning, President Barack Obama signed official directives naming the states of New York and New Jersey disaster zones, allowing for additional federal aid to assist recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s destruction. In New York, Mr. Obama’s order only stands for the five boroughs and Long Island for now.

It’s still difficult to evaluate the exact costs of the storm. At least seven people have died in the state, millions are without electricity, and major transportation networks are flooded.

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Governor Cuomo Calls Up National Guard, Closes a Bunch of Bridges

wave fb Governor Cuomo Calls Up National Guard, Closes a Bunch of Bridges
A wave crashes into the Bay Ridge shore. (Photo: Robert Katz/Facebook)

Governor Andrew Cuomo, on his whirlwind tour of New York State, touched down in Long Island this evening to announce a number of bridge closures, the National Guard being called up, and the continued danger of, as he put it, “Sandy’s Fury.” Notably, as of 7 p.m. tonight, the Verrazano-Narrows, George Washington, Henry Hudson, Bronx-Whitestone and Throgs Neck bridges will be closed, joining the Tappan Zee Bridge and Cross Bay Veterans Bridge, which shut down earlier today.

“We have another 1,000 National Guard who have been called up, and they, in so many ways provide the energy, the muscle if you will, to do many of these operations ,” the governor said. “The majority of those National Guard will be deployed on Long Island. As the issue becomes more and more the coastal surge, Long Island becomes more and more vulnerable.”

Mr. Cuomo also updated New Yorkers on the storm’s overall status.

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Senior Romney Adviser Says Obama Was ‘More Spirited’ Tonight, But Mitt Will Still Win

 Senior Romney Adviser Says Obama Was More Spirited Tonight, But Mitt Will Still Win
Eric Fehrnstrom talking to reporters after tonight’s debate.

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Talking to reporters in “spin alley” after tonight’s debate, Mitt Romney’s senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom conceded President Barack Obama was “more spirited” than he was in the first go-around. However, Mr. Fehrnstrom said the Romney campaign is still “confident” its candidate will win.

“I don’t think changing your style or changing your tone can change the facts of your record,” Mr. Fehrnstrom said. “We still have 23 million Americans struggling for work, 16 trillion in debt, 47 million Americans living on food stamps, one in six Americans living in poverty. No amount of histrionics on the president’s part can change those bad facts.” Continue reading “Senior Romney Adviser Says Obama Was ‘More Spirited’ Tonight, But Mitt Will Still Win”

A Flustered Romney Finds Himself Debating the Moderator Rather Than Obama

152666262 A Flustered Romney Finds Himself Debating the Moderator Rather Than Obama
Mitt Romney (Photo: Getty)

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — At many points in tonight’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney seemed to be expending more energy sparring with the moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, than with President Barack Obama. The multiple moments where Mr. Romney argued with Ms. Crowley drew audible reactions in the audience and among the reporters in the media filing room. Mr. Romney’s squabbles with Ms. Crowley also made him seem shaken by the president’s attacks after a debate in which Mr. Romney was widely seen as the victor and the president was criticized as insufficiently aggressive. Continue reading “A Flustered Romney Finds Himself Debating the Moderator Rather Than Obama”