Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on the Olympics and What Could Have Been

olympics Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on the Olympics and What Could Have Been
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg wishes the Olympics were held in New York City instead of London this year, but, in his words, his administration is not going to “go and cry” about it. In fact, after a press conference earlier today, he said the city has built and done many of the things it would have done for the athletic event anyway.

“I’m sorry that we lost our opportunity, we gave it our best shot, and lots of people gave money and worked very hard  to bring the Olympics here,” Mr. Bloomberg said of the city’s unsuccessful bid to get its own Olympic nod. “It would have been wonderful, but we didn’t get it. But we didn’t go and cry. What we did is we built a very big percentage of the things we would have built anyways, if we had had the Olympics.”

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Bobby Jindal Calls Obama ‘Incompetent’

 Bobby Jindal Calls Obama Incompetent
Bobby Jindal (Photo: Facebook)

Louisiana governor and potential Mitt Romney running mate Bobby Jindal is campaigning for Mr. Romney in Iowa today and he also held a press conference call with Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell where they slammed President Barack Obama’s “failed economic record” and “misplaced priorities.” Mr. Jindal began his remarks by slamming the president as “incompetent” and inexperienced.

“President Obama is the most liberal and incompetent president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House,” said Mr. Jindal. “The reality is, he’s a great speaker. Four years ago, he was here in Iowa promising hope and change, but the reality is, he’s never run anything including a lemonade stand, a business or a state before he was elected President of the United States.” Continue reading “Bobby Jindal Calls Obama ‘Incompetent’”