Dissenting Council Members Spared Cuts in New Budget

Christine Quinn speaking at a paid sick leave rally. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Speaker Quinn. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has long been accused of using the Council’s budget as a tool to punish those who cross her and keep members in line. But, as member item allocations have come under increased scrutiny in light of the mayor’s race, Ms. Quinn appears to have changed course.

Sources familiar with the camps of three of Ms. Quinn’s most vocal critics in recent months told Politicker Tuesday that their member allocations–which fund local community non-profits, including senior centers and after-school programs–will either remain steady or tick up slightly, according to preliminary numbers shared with their offices this week.

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Robert Mittman’s Campaign Pitch: ‘I Am A Medical Doctor’ [Video]

mittman website Robert Mittmans Campaign Pitch: I Am A Medical Doctor [Video]
(Photo: DrMittman4Congress.com)

Dr. Robert Mittman, the controversial underdog Queens congressional candidate, released a campaign video on YouTube yesterday. So far, only 13 people have watched the clip, which includes footage of Dr. Mittman reading the statement he made when he first announced his campaign interspersed with photos of him and his family, the good doctor at work treating patients and pictures of New York and Washington landmarks all set to the tune of Billy Joel’s 1989 hit “We Didn’t Start The Fire.”

“As a lifelong Queens resident, a parent, a voter and a medical doctor, I am here to offer a precsription for a healthy economy,” Dr. Mittman says in the video. Continue reading “Robert Mittman’s Campaign Pitch: ‘I Am A Medical Doctor’ [Video]”

Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote

crowley 11 2010 150x150 Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance VoteYesterday, most of New York’s delegation in the House of Representatives backed a measure that would have rebuked the New York Police Department for their Muslim surveillance program by blocking federal spending on police programs that violate the Constitution.

The measure brought howls of protest from conservatives and from Long Island Rep. Peter King, and it ultimately went down to defeat.

This morning, Liz Crowley, a City Councilwoman from Queens who is running for the Congressional seat formerly held by Gary Ackerman sent out a statement saying that she opposed her would-be Democratic colleagues’ efforts.

“Withholding federal funding from our police department because our cops have done their jobs is wrong,” Ms. Crowley said. “The NYPD has acted lawfully to protect New Yorkers from very real terrorist threats. Voting for this measure frustrates the NYPD’s efforts to keep us safe.  We need to work on expanding funding for the NYPD in a dangerous world, not cutting it off.” Continue reading “Crowley Rebukes House Dems On NYPD Surveillance Vote”

Liz Crowley Continues Labor Roll Out

liz crowley fb1 Liz Crowley Continues Labor Roll Out
Liz Crowley (Photo: Facebook)

Although Assemblyman Rory Lancman, a candidate for an open Queens congressional seat, has been gobbling up the biggest labor players like the Working Families Party and the RWDSU, one of his opponents in the Democratic primary, Councilwoman Liz Crowley, continued her streak of smaller union endorsements this morning with the Mason Tenders District Council.

“Elizabeth Crowley has fought for workers’ rights throughout her entire career,” the Mason Tenders’ political director, Mike McGuire, said in a statement announcing the support. “She understands that people deserve safe workplaces, fair wages, and a secure retirement. Elizabeth Crowley is the best candidate to represent workers and strengthen our neighborhoods.”

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Hear Me Rory: Can Lancman Vanquish Ossified Queens Machine And Get To DC?

rory lancman center Hear Me Rory: Can Lancman Vanquish Ossified Queens Machine And Get To DC?Rory Lancman insists he isn’t desperate to get out of Albany.

“It is not a miserable place,” he said last week over an afternoon glass of sauvignon blanc at the bar in the Fitzpatrick Hotel on Lexington Avenue. By New York State Legislature standards, where careers are measured in geologic time, Mr. Lancman is barely amphibious, having won his seat in the State Assembly only in 2006.

“But it is a place where at some point one’s desire for greater responsibility is stymied by a rigid seniority system and a culture that doesn’t really support that kind of institutional ambition.”

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Dan Halloran Blasts Gottlieb’s Entry; Liz Crowley Passes

dan halloran announces Dan Halloran Blasts Gottliebs Entry; Liz Crowley Passes
Dan Halloran

Jeffrey Gottlieb suddenly leaping into the Democratic primary for New York’s 6th Congressional District has politicos abuzz about whether his campaign is designed to take Jewish votes away from one of the candidates, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, in order to benefit the candidate endorsed by the Queens Democratic establishment, Assemblywoman Grace Meng.

Mr. Gottlieb’s candidacy certainly seems bizarre in some respects, including his efforts on behalf of Ms. Meng up until last week, his late entry into the race and his subsequent silence in the media. Embracing this argument, Mr. Lancman went nuclear on what he called the “sham candidacy by a long-time party hack.”

But how do the other candidates in the race feel about Mr. Gottlieb’s entry?

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NYPD Captains Endowment Association Endorses Liz Crowley

liz crowley fb NYPD Captains Endowment Association Endorses Liz Crowley
Liz Crowley (Photo: Facebook)
The Captains Endowment Association, which represents the NYPD’s Captains, Deputy Inspectors, Inspectors, and Deputy Chiefs, endorsed Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley in the crowded race for the 6th Congressional District.

“Throughout her career, Elizabeth Crowley has fought to protect the public safety of New Yorkers,” CEA President Roy Richter said. “She has been a great supporter of the NYPD and is the best candidate to ensure that police officers in New York and around the country receive the support and resources we need from Washington to keep our City safe.” Continue reading “NYPD Captains Endowment Association Endorses Liz Crowley”