Chris Murphy Wins Connecticut Senate Race

 Chris Murphy Wins Connecticut Senate Race
Chris Murphy (Photo: Facebook)

Democrat Chris Murphy has defeated Republican Linda McMahon in the race to replace retiring Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, according to the Associated Press. Ms. McMahon, a former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, spent over $40 million on the race. Continue reading “Chris Murphy Wins Connecticut Senate Race”

Marie Claire Peeks Into Candidates’ Purses, Finds iPads and a Gun

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Ex-cop and current gun owner Val Demings. (Photo:

In advance of the upcoming elections, the women’s magazine Marie Claire got a look inside the purses of several prominent female candidates for their “Running in Heels” feature. Based on their findings, iPads and other Apple gear are must-have accessories on the campaign trail, but a few of the women in the article apparently tote less standard fare including one candidate with a heavy energy drink habit and another who’s packing heat.

Continue reading Marie Claire Peeks Into Candidates’ Purses, Finds iPads and a Gun”