De Blasio Receives Threatening Letter Ahead of Super Bowl

Bill de Blasio in Staten Island this morning.
Bill de Blasio in Staten Island this morning.

Mayor Bill de Blasio became the latest city official to receive a threatening letter ahead of the Super Bowl, police confirmed this morning.

The letter, received yesterday, did not contain white powder like the one sent last week to former Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s office and other Super Bowl-related addresses, but included “threats to the city in general,” an NYPD spokesman said. Continue reading “De Blasio Receives Threatening Letter Ahead of Super Bowl”

Bloomberg Says He’s More Worried About Lightning Strikes Than Ricin

Mayor Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)
Mayor Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)

Last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his national gun control advocacy organization received two threatening letters laced with the deadly agent ricin. Many mayors would be rattled by this, but Mr. Bloomberg said today that he actually feels more threatened by random lightning strikes.

“I trust the police department and I feel perfectly safe,” he said during his weekly WOR radio show with John Gambling. “I’ve got more danger from lightning than from anything else. And I’ll go about my business.”

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Grace Meng’s First Policy Letter Critiques Chuck Schumer’s Immigration Bill

Congresswoman Grace Meng (Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Women's Campaign Fund)
Congresswoman Grace Meng (Photo: Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Women’s Campaign Fund)

It’s not just conservatives who are critiquing Sen. Chuck Schumer and the rest of the so-called “Gang of Eight” for their immigration bill.

Freshman Congresswoman Grace Meng, a steady liberal hand, is also urging to re-assess the latest version of the proposed federal immigration overhaul. But her warnings come with a unique twist: potential damage to Asian-American immigrant families.

In her first such letter to lawmakers on a major piece of legislation, Ms. Meng, New York’s first Asian-American Congresswoman, told Mr. Schumer, New York’s most politically powerful voice in Washington, that she has concerns about certain provisions of the sweeping reform bill, which is set to be taken up by the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

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Hillary Clinton’s Under-the-Radar Letter Writing Campaign

(Photo: Facebook)
Hillary Clinton’s letter to Nate Shinagawa. Click to enlarge. (Photo: Facebook)

As rumors mount that outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may run for president, the former first lady has taken steps to solidify her relationships with some Democrats by sending hand-signed notes to candidates bested in close congressional races. Continue reading “Hillary Clinton’s Under-the-Radar Letter Writing Campaign”

Bloomberg: Ex-Goldman Employee Shouldn’t Dis Company

1388918201 Bloomberg: Ex Goldman Employee Shouldnt Dis Company
(Photo: Getty)

After a former Goldman Sachs employee published an extremely critical op-ed on his former company’s practices, Mayor Michael Bloomberg subsequently visited the company to show his support. And on John Gambling’s radio show this morning, Mr. Bloomberg continued to stick up for the company against “a nasty letter from an employee.”

“I thought this piling on is ridiculous,” he explained. “You go to work for a company, it seems to me they have an obligation to never dis you, they can part company with you [but] they should never do that, nor should an employee walk away [like that.] … You walk away from friends, you walk away from an employer who took a risk in you. ”

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