Which Mayoral Candidates Have Smoked Weed?

John Liu has never done this. (Photo: Getty)
John Liu has never done this. (Photo: Getty)

As the clock ticks down to the September 10 primary, it’s become high time the mayoral candidates address the topic of marijuana.

Yesterday, City Comptroller John Liu rolled out a proposal to legalize and regulate cannabis in the five boroughs. Mr. Liu insists, however, he has never smoked the drug and never intends to do so even if it’s legalized.

But that’s not the case for all of the Gracie Mansion hopefuls. Politicker asked the various mayoral campaigns what their respective candidates’ stances were on marijuana legalization and whether they’d ever taken a toke.

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Skateboarder John Liu Wants to Legalize Weed in New York, But Not Smoke It

John Liu talking about hippie grass.
John Liu speaking at today’s press conference.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner may have Big Thought Thursdays, but city Comptroller John Liu just had a big pot Wednesday.

Mr. Liu, whose campaign took a major hit when he was denied matching funds last week, unveiled a proposal to legalize marijuana in New York City today, comparing the status quo’s ban on the substance to the country’s infamous prohibition against alcohol a hundred years ago.

“It’s time to recognize that the prohibition of marijuana has failed,” Mr. Liu defiantly stated. “And its enforcement has damaged too many lives, especially the minority communities.”

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