Governor Cuomo Blasts ‘Propaganda’ Lawsuit Against State Gun Law

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo said he’s unfazed by pro-gun groups like the National Rifle Association and their lawsuits against New York’s new gun control legislation. Indeed, Mr. Cuomo took his argument a step further this morning and labeled the legal efforts “propaganda” and part of a plot to “misinform and scare people.”

“The extremists … spread fear and unrealistic theories of conspiracies of a citizenry that needs to be armed because the government is possibly tyrannical,” Mr. Cuomo said on The Capitol Pressroom. “You need a system and government regulations to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. … That’s what we put in place in New York with the New York SAFE Act. It doesn’t interfere with anybody’s Second Amendment right; … that’s not what the New York SAFE Act is about. That’s why they need the fear and they have to misinform and scare people because, on the facts, it makes total sense.”

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Bloomberg Derides de Blasio’s Fine Lawsuit

bloomberg presser Bloomberg Derides de Blasios Fine Lawsuit
Mayor Bloomberg at his press conference today.

A few days ago, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio filed a lawsuit against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration for not providing data on the fines they’re increasingly handing out to small businesses. However, it doesn’t seem that Mr. Bloomberg is impressed with those legal endeavors.

“The only thing I can think of in this lawsuit is he seems to say that we’re wrong in enforcing the law,” Mr. Bloomberg told The Politicker after a press conference this morning, asserting the city government is simply doing its job by handing out the fines. “I don’t know, if you don’t like the laws, get the City Council to change them, but our job is to enforce the law.”

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Déjà Vu: David Storobin Facing Another Fraud Lawsuit

felder storobin Déjà Vu: David Storobin Facing Another Fraud Lawsuit
Simcha Felder and David Storobin

“Upon information and belief, the Storobin Petition is fraudulent, insufficient, ineffective, false, and invalid and null and void,” an order to show cause, prepared by the campaign of Democratic State Senate candidate Simcha Felder, argued to the State Supreme Court yesterday.

Mr. Felder’s legal position is that the signatures gathered by incumbent State Senator David Storobin to get on the ballot for reelection are so rife with fraud that they should be tossed out altogether.

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Liu Spokesman: Blame Bloomberg’s Comments on ‘Low Blood Sugar’

bloomberg getty Liu Spokesman: Blame Bloombergs Comments on Low Blood Sugar
(Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg took swipes at his two fellow citywide elected officials earlier today on two unrelated points of criticism they’ve leveled against his administration, and in subsequent statements, both of them swatted back.

“This is a new level of intellectual dishonesty that we haven’t even seen before,” Mr. Bloomberg said this morning of Comptroller John Liu’s critical report on his administrations revamp of the 911 response system. “This is a contract that was registered with the comptroller’s office and finished under the budget approved by his office, and we disallowed a lot of things, and now he’s out there screaming.”

“It’s pretty hard to answer something as stupid as his charge,” Mr. Bloomberg said as well.

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Bill de Blasio Has Another Taxi Beef With Bloomberg

bill de blasio Bill de Blasio Has Another Taxi Beef With Bloomberg
Bill de Blasio at today’s press conference

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio doesn’t only oppose Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Taxi and Limousine Commission David Yassky’s choice of Nissan for the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” but he also thinks Mr. Bloomberg’s efforts to expand the fleet and allow outer borough street hails were illegal to begin with. And, at a press conference today, he announced he’s filed an amicus with a lawsuit against the new taxi initiatives.

“The actions of the mayor and of Chair Yassky have undermined the city’s relationship with Albany and have set a very negative precedence for the future of that relationship,” Mr. de Blasio explained. “If we let this legislation by the mayor stand, what it means is that we’re making that dependency on Albany even worse. This lawsuit simply says we have to stop the implementation of the legislation in Albany because this process failed to include the City Council.”

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Court Rules in David Storobin’s Favor, Orders Contested Ballots to Be Counted

 Court Rules in David Storobins Favor, Orders Contested Ballots to Be Counted
David Storobin on Election Day, March 20th. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

One of the biggest question marks hanging over an insanely close March 20th special election to the State Senate in southeastern Brooklyn was 100+ absentee ballots the Democratic candidate, Lew Fidler, alleged to have been collected fraudulently. Today, however, the judge overseeing the case ruled in favor of the Republican candidate David Storobin, who very well may now enter the automatic hand recount with a slight lead rather than the 87 vote deficit he ended last week with.

“However, based on the testimony of these witnesses, it cannot be said that [Storobin’s campaign staffer] Ms. Pometko engaged in any fraudulent conduct,” the judge said in his ruling. “There was no evidence that she coerced or induced any of the witnesses to falsely apply for an absentee ballot. Nor was there evidence presented that Ms. Pometko made any false representations or threats to these voters in her efforts to procure an absentee ballot on their behalf.”

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