Mayor Bloomberg Reflects on Spending New Year’s Without a Kiss From Gaga

Mayor Bloomberg's press conference today.
Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference today.

At last year’s New Year’s Eve festivities, Mayor Michael Bloomberg lit up the stage when he shared a smooch with the pop sensation Lady Gaga. This year, however, Mr. Bloomberg will be joined by the Rockettes, Radio City Music Hall’s precision dance group. At his press conference this afternoon trumpeting another record year for New York’s tourism industry, Politicker asked Mr. Bloomberg if he expects tonight’s celebration to top the time he spent with Lady Gaga.

“You know, I don’t–Lady Gaga, she was–I don’t know. I mean, I just–you know, with these six here, what am I supposed to say?” Mr. Bloomberg stammered, gesturing to the Rockettes who joined him for the media availability. The dancers laughed and smiled politely.

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Hurricane Sandy Helps End Borough Presidents’ Lady Gaga Feud

lady gaga cover 3 Hurricane Sandy Helps End Borough Presidents Lady Gaga Feud
(Photo: YouTube)

Hurricane Sandy has apparently brought together a pair of borough presidents who previously clashed over pop sensation Lady Gaga. The last time we saw Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer mentioned in the same breath, they had a tiff over Mr. Molinaro’s claim that Ms. Gaga was “a slut.” Now, they have teamed up for post-Sandy relief work in Staten Island. Continue reading “Hurricane Sandy Helps End Borough Presidents’ Lady Gaga Feud”

Lady Gaga Thanks Her Defender, Scott Stringer

152638622 Lady Gaga Thanks Her Defender, Scott Stringer
Lady Gaga (Photo: Getty)

Earlier this week, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer issued a statement in support of the pop singer Lady Gaga after Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro deemed her a “slut” due to her alleged onstage drug use. Today, Ms. Gaga returned the favor.

“To @scottmstringer of Manhattan, thanku for your support of my activism as a new yorker. You show political integrity + a modern vernacular,” the musician wrote on TwitterContinue reading “Lady Gaga Thanks Her Defender, Scott Stringer”

Scott Stringer Defends Lady Gaga

545px nln scott stringer Scott Stringer Defends Lady Gaga
Scott Stringer (Photo: Wikimedia)

At an anti-drug event yesterday, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro slammed pop singer Lady Gaga for her alleged drug use and called the musician “a slut in the pure, in the pure meaning of the word.” Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who is a friend of Ms. Gaga’s family, took objection to Mr. Molinaro’s comments and came to the singer’s defense with a statement today.

“Lady Gaga’s work is a symbol of individuality and artistic expression. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is a social justice activist and a real leader for marriage equality in this country,” Mr. Stringer told Politicker. “And no matter which continent Gaga happens to be in today, she remains an Upper West Sider at heart.” Continue reading “Scott Stringer Defends Lady Gaga”

Mister Bloomberg Kisses Miss Piggy [Video]

bloomberg kiss Mister Bloomberg Kisses Miss Piggy [Video]
The smooch.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg held a Muppet-themed press conference earlier today where he announced that the Muppets will be “the official NYC Family Ambassadors” in 2012, but all the action was the romantic tension between Mr. Bloomberg and one of the Muppets, Miss Piggy.

“Can I throw Miss Piggy a kiss, because we’re friends?” Mr. Bloomberg asked before bending over and planting one on Miss Piggy’s cheek.

Ms. Piggy asked how the kiss compared with Mr. Bloomberg’s famous smooch with Lady Gaga, to which Mr. Bloomberg quipped “I never kiss and tell.”

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Late Night With Mike Bloomberg [Video]

michael bloomberg jimmy fallon Late Night With Mike Bloomberg [Video]
Michael Bloomberg and Jimmy Fallon

Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, to discuss, among other things, his current occupation.

“It’s the best job in the world, you get a chance to change the world,” Mr. Bloomberg told Jimmy Fallon. “And I get a chance to be invited to be here with you. I got the chance to kiss Lady Gaga on New Year’s Eve.”

“I don’t think my girlfriend was happy about that,” he quipped afterwards.

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Diana Taylor on Mayor Bloomberg's Smooch With Lady Gaga

dianataylor Diana Taylor on Mayor Bloomberg's Smooch With Lady Gaga
Diana Taylor

Mayor Michael Bloomberg rang in the New Year by sharing a smooch with Lady Gaga after they dropped the ball in Times Square together. At Mayor Bloomberg’s post-State of the State address press conference today, The Politicker spotted the mayor’s girlfriend, Diana Taylor and got her take on the now infamous smooch. Continue reading “Diana Taylor on Mayor Bloomberg's Smooch With Lady Gaga”