Roundup: Scott Stringer's Baby Photos; Shutdown Storm Blows Over; Desmond Tutu vs. Trinity Church

maxwellsmall Roundup: Scott Stringer's Baby Photos; Shutdown Storm Blows Over; Desmond Tutu vs. Trinity Church
Maxwell Eliot Stringer (Photo: Manhattan Borough President's Office)

Manhattan Borough President Stringer showed off pictures of his newborn son, Maxwell Eliot Stringer (left).

Congress narrowly avoided another shutdown.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu wants Trinity Church to let protesters occupy its vacant lot on Canal Street.

Former Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey owns the web site  Continue reading “Roundup: Scott Stringer's Baby Photos; Shutdown Storm Blows Over; Desmond Tutu vs. Trinity Church”

Sheekey Outlines Plans for Bloomberg's World Domination

Mike Bloomberg consigliere Kevin Sheekey hasn’t been heard from much recently–outside of a court appearance in the John Haggerty trial–but he makes an appearance today in a big story in Newsbeast about his company, Bloomberg LP (which is of course, owned by the same guy who wrote his paychecks previously, Mayor Michael Bloomberg.)

In the piece by former NYO staffer Nick Summer, Mr. Sheekey makes a pointed reference to the declining fortunes of the New York Times: Continue reading “Sheekey Outlines Plans for Bloomberg's World Domination”

Bloomberg Officiates First Same-Sex Marriage by a NYC Mayor

gracie wedding e1311568256281 Bloomberg Officiates First Same Sex Marriage by a NYC Mayor
The Mayor and the Newlyweds: Jonatham Mintz (left) and John Feinblatt, with daughters Maeve and Georgia. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

The first same-sex marriage officiated by a New York City Mayor took place at Gracie Mansion Sunday evening — the first day New York State law allowed them to take place.

Jonathan Mintz, the commissioner for Consumer Affairs, entered from the eastern side of the balcony surrounding Gracie Mansion. John Feinblatt, a senior advisor to the mayor, entered from the western side of the balcony.

The ceremony was performed at the foot of the steps outside the building, with about 150 guests looking on, including: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, police commissioner Ray Kelly, former deputy mayors Kevin Sheekey (in a tie, for once), and Ed Skyler, along with dozens of reporters.

Bloomberg — who is not known for being overly sentimental —  joked during the ceremony that he denied the couple’s request for a day off tomorrow. Continue reading “Bloomberg Officiates First Same-Sex Marriage by a NYC Mayor”

'Tom Who?' Publisher Allon Explains His Ink-Stained Mayoral Run

tom allon95141 'Tom Who?' Publisher Allon Explains His Ink Stained Mayoral RunPublisher Tom Allon said, in hindsight, it was a mistake to support Mayor Bloomberg’s push to extend term limits, putting the newly announced 2013 mayoral candidate at odds with two of the leading Democrats in that race.

“I think at the time I was in favor of the extension,” Allon said. “I didn’t think it was a bad idea, even though the will of the people knocked it down, twice. I hate to say it but in retrospect, I think it was a mistake. And I think maybe even in his heart of hearts the mayor thinks it’s a mistake.”

Allon, who declared that he was running for mayor earlier this week, has a very different kind of profile, and a very different kind of record, than most of his would-be opponents in 2013.

As the publisher of Manhattan Media, he has overseen a slew of political and lifestyle publications throughout the city, making his candidacy something of a surprise to the political establishment.  But, Allon said, he “jumped in with two feet” when he decided to run as a “Cuomo Democrat.”

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