Michael Grimm Picks a Fight With Rand Paul

Rand Paul. (Photo: Getty)
Rand Paul. (Photo: Getty)

Raging against libertarian-minded presidential hopefuls is normally the territory of Long Island Congressman Pete King, but this morning, Staten Island’s Michael Grimm stepped up to the plate, labeling Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s comments regarding Hurricane Sandy aid “disgraceful” and “simply moronic.”

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Karl Rove’s Super PAC Goes After Ashley Judd

(Photo: YouTube)
(Photo: YouTube)

American Crossroads, the Karl Rove-backed “super PAC” that invested millions of dollars in last year’s elections, has a new target–actress Ashley Judd.

Ms. Judd is reportedly considering a run against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky, but American Crossroads might prefer if the actress never moved forward with her campaign. Accordingly, the group released a YouTube ad unloading a barrage of hits against Ms. Judd and arguing that she’s “an Obama-following, radical, Hollywood liberal” who’s out of step with Kentucky’s conservative politics.

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Looks Like Biden Found a Pretty Nice Place to Hang Out Before the Debates

biden debate kentucky Looks Like Biden Found a Pretty Nice Place to Hang Out Before the Debates
An aerial view of Rick Lee’s home in Danville, Kentucky. (Photo: Google Maps)

It seems like Vice President Joe Biden is spending time at a large home with both a pool and its own lake before his debate with Paul Ryan tonight. According to a campaign official, Mr. Biden “will spend time with family and friends at a private residence owned by local supporters” prior to this evening’s vice presidential debate at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The Obama campaign hasn’t released any other details about the home, but thanks to some details from the White House press pool report and some of our own legwork, we believe it is the well-appointed home of an executive at a company that makes conveyor belts used in factories, mail sorting facilities and to handle baggage at airports. Continue reading “Looks Like Biden Found a Pretty Nice Place to Hang Out Before the Debates”

Obama Campaign Pre-emptively Calls Paul Ryan a Liar Ahead of VP Debate

paul ryan congress Obama Campaign Pre emptively Calls Paul Ryan a Liar Ahead of VP Debate
Paul Ryan. (Photo: YouTube)

With the vice presidential debate set for tonight in Danville, Ky., the Obama campaign waged a pre-emptive strike on Paul Ryan this morning. In a memo to reporters and a new web video out this morning, the Obama campaign has highlighted “misleading” statements Mr. Ryan has made in the past and asked whether he will use a “dishonest strategy” in tonight’s debate or if he will be frank about the “extreme” conservative positions he advocated in Congress before being tapped for the Republican presidential ticket.

“We now know that Mitt Romney will say anything to win, even if it’s not true – just like he did in Massachusetts and in the boardroom,” Obama for America Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter wrote in a memo to “interested parties.” “The question now is whether Ryan will adopt the same dishonest strategy or if he’ll stand by the very extreme positions he’s taken as the ‘intellectual leader’ of the Republican Party.” Continue reading “Obama Campaign Pre-emptively Calls Paul Ryan a Liar Ahead of VP Debate”

Tweets From The Trail: ‘Why Nothing Happening In Comgress?’

Today, political types were focused on the “high” President Obama gets from campaigning, empty seats and the blood of Ronald Reagan. Here’s our roundup of the day’s best Tweets from the campaign trail.

Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley thinks President Obama should focus on the business of government.

Our very own Colin Campbell noted empty seats at Congressman Jerry Nadler’s latest event.

Politico’s Roger Simon was disgusted by the purported auction of President Reagan’s blood.

RNC Research Director Joe Pounder was keeping a close eye on the Republican primary in Kentucky.

The goings on in Kentucky reminded Slate’s Dave Weigel of federal inmate Keith Judd’s improbable victory in West Virginia.

TSA Claims Reports Of Rand Paul’s Detention Greatly Exaggerated

rand paul tsa detention TSA Claims Reports Of Rand Pauls Detention Greatly Exaggerated
Senator Rand Paul

Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul, ran into trouble at a TSA checkpoint at the airport in Nashville this morning, but the agency says reports he was detained are inaccurate.

Senator Paul was on his way to the anti-abortion “March For Life” rally in D.C. when he set off an alarm at the security checkpoint. His communications director, Moira Bagley, subsequently Tweeted, “Just got a call from @senrandpaul. He’s currently being detained by TSA in Nashville.” Continue reading “TSA Claims Reports Of Rand Paul’s Detention Greatly Exaggerated”