Keith Olbermann On The Art of the Twitter Feud

o1hnh Keith Olbermann On The Art of the Twitter Feud
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Twitter)

After his ouster from Current TV last Friday, Keith Olbermann spent much of the ensuing three days bickering with Twitter users who mocked his firing. Mr. Olbermann also got into an extended discussion with The Politicker about why he thinks Twitter feuds are worth his time and energy. Mr. Olbermann told us Twitter is a way for him to have “batting practice” with detractors and to say thanks to
his “viewer/friends.” Continue reading “Keith Olbermann On The Art of the Twitter Feud”

Current TV Falls For Fake Eliot Spitzer Twitter

eliot spitzer head getty Current TV Falls For Fake Eliot Spitzer Twitter
Eliot Spitzer (Photo: Getty)

In Current TV’s email announcement about former governor Eliot Spitzer being hired to replace Keith Olbermann, the network invited viewers to “follow Spitzer on Twitter (@ESpitzer).” There was only one problem, that account doesn’t really belong to Mr. Spitzer.

A little over forty minutes later, a Current spokesperson sent out another email saying, “Our apologies for the error – Eliot Spitzer does NOT have a Twitter handle.” The Spitzer impostor hasn’t Tweeted since May, 2010. Continue reading “Current TV Falls For Fake Eliot Spitzer Twitter”