John Liu’s Relentless Campaign Continues Despite Holiday

20130705 121119 John Lius Relentless Campaign Continues Despite Holiday
Comptroller John Liu campaigns with his kabab.

The only candidate for mayor with events on his public schedule today, Comptroller John Liu raced into Chinatown this morning before preparing to head to three additional stops in Brooklyn and another in the Bronx.

But Mr. Liu brushed off suggestions that he was outworking his rivals.

“I don’t know anything about work ethic, this isn’t work!” he declared, beaming below the massive Confucius Plaza Apartments in Chinatown. “I’m having fish ball shish kabob on a beautiful day at Confucius Plaza with lots of good people.”

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Anthony Weiner Wants to Declare Independence From Albany

Anthony Weiner rolls out his New York City "Bill of Rights" this afternoon.
Anthony Weiner rolls out his New York City “Bill of Rights” this afternoon.

On the day before Independence Day, Anthony Weiner promised to make New York City independent of Albany’s control once and for all.

“Every July 4th, we should all think not only about the independence of our country, but we should think a little bit about the independence of New York City from the shackles of Albany,” Mr. Weiner said today on the steps of City Hall.

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Bill de Blasio’s Fireworks Target Chrises Christie and Quinn Today

Bill de Blasio isn't a fan of Chris and Christine.
Bill de Blasio isn’t a fan of Chris and Christine.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio delivered the fireworks a day early.

Standing at the end of Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park to call for the Fourth of July fireworks display’s return to the East River, Mr. de Blasio took aim at both Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, and Christine Quinn, the City Council’s Democratic speaker–who  happens to be his rival in the mayor’s race.

“If New Jerseyans need a big show, they get one from Chris Christie every day,” Mr. de Blasio quipped as he made his case with State Senator Daniel Squadron and Councilman Steve Levin. Continue reading “Bill de Blasio’s Fireworks Target Chrises Christie and Quinn Today”