Candidates Pile Into Race for Grace Meng’s Seat

phil Candidates Pile Into Race for Grace Mengs Seat
Phil Gim (Photo: Gim campaign)

Earlier this week, Ethel Chen registered a campaign committee to run for Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s seat. Like Ms. Meng, Ms. Chen is a Democrat, and even though there remains some doubt as to whether Ms. Meng might be running for reelection or as the Democratic nominee for an open congressional seat, Ms. Chen is one of several candidates plowing forward with their campaigns.

This week, Democrat Ron Kim and Republican Phil Gim also declared their campaigns, setting up a primaries in a field that may already be set to include Democrats Isaac Sasson and John Scandalios, as well as Republican Sunny Hahn.

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Comic Book Store Owner To Run for City Council; Vows to Spend Only $999

johnscandalios1 Comic Book Store Owner To Run for City Council; Vows to Spend Only $999
John Scandalios (Photo: Ray Filmano)

John Scandalios, the owner of the comic book store Crazy Scondo’s, says he’s committed to running as a Democrat in Peter Koo’s Council District in Northeast Queens.

Despite Mr. Koo’s personal wealth, Mr. Scandalios pledged to spend no more than $1,000 on the race. “My budget is $999, because there’s no reason for me to spend any more than that,” he said in an interview with Politicker last night. “I don’t like receiving … 50 different mailings from ten different candidates … I find it a nuisance.”

Mr. Scandalios, a former engineer who worked on the operating system for the Trident II Submarine, said he found his way into the comic book business through a love of baseball cards a couple decades ago and intends to use his experience running a small business in the City Council.

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