More Challengers Mull Bids Against John Sampson

John Sampson (Photo: Facebook)
John Sampson (Photo: Facebook)

Two candidates have already declared their intentions to challenge embattled State Senator John Sampson, and two more may be joining the fray. 

Samuel Pierre, a nonprofit head, and Dell Smitherman, a political director with the healthcare workers’ union 1199 SEIU, are both mulling bids against the twice-indicted Brooklyn lawmaker, sources said.  Continue reading “More Challengers Mull Bids Against John Sampson”

Another Challenger Trying to Unseat John Sampson

John Sampson (Photo: Facebook)
John Sampson (Photo: Facebook)

State Senator John Sampson will have a second challenger if he seeks re-election this year.

Sean Henry, a former City Council candidate, army veteran and Department of Homeless Services administrator, announced today he will take on the embattled Brooklyn lawmaker, who has been indicted twice in connection with an alleged embezzlement scheme. Continue reading “Another Challenger Trying to Unseat John Sampson”

Senator John Sampson Indicted Again

John Sampson. (Photo: Facebook)
John Sampson. (Photo: Facebook)

Brooklyn State Senator John Sampson, already facing corruption charges, is facing a new set of allegations from federal prosecutors this afternoon involving lying and a local liquor store.

The U.S. Attorney’s office today announced that Mr. Sampson, who once led the Senate Democrats, is accused of “making false statements to FBI agents about directing members of his Senate staff to take actions to benefit a Brooklyn liquor store in which Sampson secretly held an ownership interest.” Continue reading “Senator John Sampson Indicted Again”

Indicted Senator John Sampson Has a Challenger

Leon Miles. (Photo: Miles campaign)
Leon Miles. (Photo: Miles campaign)

Scandal-scarred incumbents across the city will be fending off challengers this year and State Senator John Sampson is no exception.

Leon Miles, a former City Council candidate, has filed to run against Mr. Sampson for his eastern Brooklyn seat, according to state election records. Another former rival of Mr. Miles is rumored to be seeking a bid as well.  Continue reading “Indicted Senator John Sampson Has a Challenger”

U.S. Attorney Rejects Idea of Corruption Conspiracy Against Minority Pols

20130516 201259 U.S. Attorney Rejects Idea of Corruption Conspiracy Against Minority Pols
Loretta Lynch speaking last night.

As indictments of minority elected officials continue to pile up, some leaders have openly suggested, while offering scant evidence, that a conspiracy exists to remove blacks and Latinos from power. But U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, one of two federal prosecutors responsible for bringing many of the recent corruption charges, outright rejected any conspiracy theories last night.  Continue reading “U.S. Attorney Rejects Idea of Corruption Conspiracy Against Minority Pols”

State Senator Speculates and Debates: ‘Attack on Black Leaders: Corruption or Conspiracy?’

sanders State Senator Speculates and Debates: Attack on Black Leaders: Corruption or Conspiracy?
James Sanders last night.

It is a question few in the New York political establishment dare to ask publicly: is the seemingly endless string of indictments and arrests of elected officials a conspiracy against minorities in power?

But there was Queens State Sen. James Sanders Jr., bellowing in a theater with a preacher’s rhythm, more than implying last night that the recent arrests of black elected officials like Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, State Sen. Malcolm Smith and State Sen. John Sampson were not coincidental. Even State Sen. Shirley Huntley, who admitted to stealing funds earmarked for her district’s underprivileged children and was sentenced Thursday for her crimes, could have been linked to a conspiracy, Mr. Sanders said.

Ironically, Mr. Sanders defeated Ms. Huntley last year–after she was indicted–and took her seat in the State Senate.

Continue reading “State Senator Speculates and Debates: ‘Attack on Black Leaders: Corruption or Conspiracy?’”

Officials Named in Huntley’s Wire List Proclaim Innocence at Varying Speeds

Ex-State Senator Shirley Huntley. (Photo: Facebook)
Ex-State Senator Shirley Huntley. (Photo: Facebook)

The names caught up in ex-State Sen. Shirley Huntley’s wire-tapping efforts were revealed Wednesday afternoon, leaving elected officials and staffers scrambling to respond to news that they were most likely the subjects of ongoing federal investigations.

The U.S. Attorney’s office had revealed that eight of the nine individuals secretly recorded by Ms. Huntley in an effort to minimize her sentence on embezzlement charges “remain the subjects of ongoing criminal investigations.” And while some offices appeared to be prepared for the news, others seemed completely caught-off-guard. Others still have yet to comment.

The list includes a slew of Democratic lawmakers, including City Councilman Ruben Wills, State Sen. Eric Adams, who is running for Brooklyn borough president, Sen. Jose Peralta, who is running for Queens borough president, and Sen. John Sampson, who was arrested earlier this week on unrelated embezzlement charges.

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