Is NYCHA’s Land Lease Plan Dead? Housing Authority Does Not Intend to Designate Sites Before de Blasio Takes Office

The New York City Housing Authority’s controversial land lease plan, in which the cash-strapped agency would have raised direly needed repair funds by building market rate apartments on public housing land, looks unlikely to become a reality, at least in the form proposed by the current administration.

Today NYCHA announced that despite receiving promising proposals for 11 of the 14 possible development sites in six of eight housing projects, it does not expect to move to a conditional designation of any of the sites until 2014, after Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of the plan, is out of office.
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Bloomberg: ‘We’re Not Walking Away From Public Housing and Most Other Cities Are’

nycha Bloomberg: Were Not Walking Away From Public Housing and Most Other Cities Are
The Hammel Houses in Queens (Photo: Wikimedia)

New York City Housing Authority has been in the news lately after it released a report on its ongoing problems, which was followed with Mayor Michael Bloomberg replacing a couple board members. But Mr. Bloomberg strongly defended the agency during his weekly radio show and suggested his critics should manage NYCHA if they don’t like the job that’s being done.

“NYCHA is as dilapidated as the worst of its rat- and mold-infested projects,” one of those critics, the New York Daily News editorial board wrote today. “Summing up, its bureaucracy doesn’t know how to make routine repairs, perform major renovations, buy supplies, apply for federal funding or collect rents.”

“We are really trying, and there is no easy solution,” Mr. Bloomberg said. “And it’s going to get worse and they’ll be able to write another story about it.”

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