John Orozco’s Bronx Background and Diaz Sr.’s Olympic Connections

john orozco John Orozcos Bronx Background and Diaz Sr.s Olympic Connections
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Bronx native John Orozco is turning out to be one of the American stars of this year’s Olympics and State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. wants everyone to know that it took a lot of hard work to help the young athlete get the gymnastics classes he needed while growing up.

“You should know that many years ago when I was first elected to the New York City Council, John Orozco´s mother, Damaris, came to my office to ask my son, Ruben Diaz Jr., and myself for any assistance that we could offer,” Mr. Díaz wrote in a statement today. “She was determined to find a way for her Bronx family to afford to send John to a school where he could properly train in gymnastics.”

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