Obama on Petraeus and Benghazi

156388850 Obama on Petraeus and Benghazi
President Obama at his afternoon press conference. (Photo: Getty)

The ongoing scandal over former CIA Director David Petraeus’ affair and the September attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya were two of the main topics when President Barack Obama had his first post-election White House press conference this afternoon. President Obama promised thorough investigations would be done to uncover details about the FBI investigation that unearthed the Petraeus scandal and the  circumstances surrounding the Benghazi attack. He also had high praise for Mr. Petraeus and harsh words for anyone who might attempt to block him from nominating diplomat Susan Rice as secretary of state because her role in the widely-criticized shifting explanations for the Libyan embassy attack. Continue reading “Obama on Petraeus and Benghazi”

John McCain On Obama’s First Term: ‘It’s The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Observed’

romney mccain John McCain On Obamas First Term: Its The Worst Thing Ive Ever Observed
Mitt Romney and John McCain back in 2008 (Photo: Getty)

Arizona senator and former presidential candidate John McCain blasted President Barack Obama in an appearance on “Michigan’s Morning Show” on WJIM radio today in which he criticized the president’s performance on the economy, described the process that led to “Obamacare” as “the sleaziest” and complained about the lobbyists’ proximity to the White House.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever observed and the American people obviously deserved a lot better than what we got today,” Mr. McCain said. Continue reading “John McCain On Obama’s First Term: ‘It’s The Worst Thing I’ve Ever Observed’”

President Obama Says Mitt Romney Is No John McCain

145208624 President Obama Says Mitt Romney Is No John McCain
President Obama (Photo: Getty)

President Barack Obama explained told an audience at a fundraiser in Philadelphia last night that he has much less in common with Mitt Romney than he did with his opponent in 2008, John McCain.

“The choices in this election could not be starker,” President Obama said. “Back in 2008, I had some strong disagreements with John McCain, but there were certain baselines that we both agreed on. We both agreed on things like immigration reform. We agreed on the existence of climate change. We agreed on the need to control campaign finance spending. This time out, across the board, there is just a fundamental disagreement, a difference of vision in terms of where we want to go.” Continue reading “President Obama Says Mitt Romney Is No John McCain”

Mitt Romney: ‘We’re Restoring Those Principles That Made America The Great Nation That It Is’

romney21 Mitt Romney: We’re Restoring Those Principles That Made America The Great Nation That It Is
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney marked the Memorial Day holiday today with the release of a new web video entitled “Thank You” in which he praises veterans and pledges to “keep America strong, and worthy of the great sacrifice of America’s veterans.”

“We rightly call our fathers and mothers the greatest generation, but every woman and every man who has or now defends amer liberty share in their heritage of greatness every veteran is the greatest of his generation,” Mr. Romney says in the video. “It’s time for us to come together and to carry our message across this country, we’re restoring those principles that made America the great nation that it is.” Continue reading “Mitt Romney: ‘We’re Restoring Those Principles That Made America The Great Nation That It Is’”

12 Pictures of Politicians In Graduation Robes

It’s college graduation season, which means we get to enjoy the sight of politicians are donning robes to make speeches at commencement ceremonies across the country. In the past few days, President Barack Obama, his wife, Michelle, Mitt Romney and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have all suited up for commencement speeches. Read on to see our favorite shots of politicians decked out in all their academic finery.

Bloomberg: McCain Didn’t Ask Me to Support Romney

136427145 11 Bloomberg: McCain Didnt Ask Me to Support Romney
(Photo: Getty)

A few days ago, the New York Post reported John McCain visited City Hall in an attempt to woo Mayor Michael Bloomberg into supporting Mitt Romney for president, but asked about it this morning on Gambling’s radio show, Mr. Bloomberg played down the politics of the visit.

“John McCain did not talk to me about supporting Mitt Romney,” he said, quietly laughing before transitioning to explain what he felt was the true purpose of the visit.

Continue reading “Bloomberg: McCain Didn’t Ask Me to Support Romney”