Ordained Rabbi Aims to Capture Staten Island Council Seat

(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)
(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)

For local races, New York City overwhelmingly tilts towards the Democratic Party and there are only a handful of Council campaigns with the potential to be competitive in this November. The race for outgoing GOP Councilman Jimmy Oddo’s seat is likely to be one of them. And, according to a source active in local politics, the Democratic establishment is backing Mendy Mirocznik, a non-practing rabbi and lawyer, for the Staten Island district.

“We’re seeing fewer education dollars, less transportation options, deteriorating roads and there seems to be no relief in sight,” Mr. Mirocznik said in a statement announcing his candidacy yesterday. “Meanwhile, our small-businesses, the economic engine, of our community are struggling to survive – that is not a recipe for recovery. We need an advocate who will reverse this trend and bring real results for Mid-Islanders, and I believe I can do that.”

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Candidate Attempts to Drag ‘Feminine Presence’ Seminar Into His Own Race

the tudors1 Candidate Attempts to Drag Feminine Presence Seminar Into His Own Race
A scene from The Tudors, an unrelated television show set in 16th century England.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis doesn’t have much to do with State Senator Marty Golden’s decision to host a nationally mocked “Feminine Presence” seminar, but that didn’t stop her Democratic rival from seeking to tie her to the infamous, now-canceled event.

“My opponent, who has been awfully silent throughout this matter, has the opportunity now to defend the women of her district by distancing herself from Senator Golden,” John Mancuso declared in a statement sent this evening. “This is just a mailer, but it’s quite obvious how her Republican colleagues view the role of women in New York today.”

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Nicole Malliotakis’ Opponent Doesn’t Want to Talk About Fake Dog Testicles

142449150 Nicole Malliotakis Opponent Doesnt Want to Talk About Fake Dog Testicles
(Photo: Getty)

Yesterday evening, the Albany Times-Union reported that Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis was dropping fake dog testicles, or “neuticles,” from her legislation banning unnecessary animal surgery, as, apparently, implanting them turned out to be far less invasive than originally thought. And late last night, John Mancuso, a Democrat challenging the freshman GOP lawmaker, declared neuticles to be an unnecessary distraction on Facebook.

“Neuticles? ……Really? How about worrying about the prescription pill epidemic, or the lack of funding for our public schools, or even the promises you made to expand the MTA and bus service,” he wrote. “Let’s start worrying about the real issues facing the 64th district and STOP chasing cameras and publishing non-sense.”

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John Mancuso to Formally Announce Malliotakis Challenge Tomorrow

john mancuso fb John Mancuso to Formally Announce Malliotakis Challenge Tomorrow
John Mancuso (Photo: Facebook)

John Mancuso, an owner of a Staten Island catering business active in Democratic politics, will kick off his race against freshman GOP Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis tomorrow evening, his campaign announced. City & State had originally reported Mr. Mancuso was eyeing the race, but tomorrow marks the official firing off point for what will be one of the few competitive assembly races in New York City this year.

“I’m a fourth generation Staten Islander,” Mr. Mancuso told The Politicker this evening, professing his love for Staten Island and Brooklyn. “Right now the 60th Assembly District is not getting what it deserves.”

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