Romney And Santorum Have Pittsburgh Powwow

 Romney And Santorum Have Pittsburgh Powwow
Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney at a presidential debate in Arizona in February. (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney and his erstwhile rival in the race for the Republican nomination, Rick Santorum, are spending a little time together today at the Pittsburgh home of Mr. Santorum’s former senior strategist, John Brabender. Staffers for Mr. Santorum described the sitdown as two politicians, just hanging out.

“Santorum aides have said an immediate endorsement of Romney is not expected at the session. Instead, they describe an opportunity for the one-time opponents to get to know each other better and discuss the upcoming general election campaign,” reports CNN. Continue reading “Romney And Santorum Have Pittsburgh Powwow”

Rick Santorum’s Campaign Refusing To Admit Defeat In Michigan

140139782 Rick Santorums Campaign Refusing To Admit Defeat In Michigan
Rick Santorum speaking at his campaign headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night. (Photo: Getty)

Though all the major news outlets have projected a win for Mitt Romney in last night’s crucial Michigan primary, Rick Santorum’s campaign operatives are clearly unwilling to accept their candidate’s loss. According to CNN, Mr. Santorum called Mr. Romney to congratulate him before making a speech to supporters in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night, but as Mr. Santorum was on stage, his campaign manager, Mike Biundo posted a picture of the moment on his Facebook page and titled it “Rick Santorum’s Victory Night Michigan.” After the speech was over, Mr. Santorum’s top strategist, John Brabender, told reporters, “We may have won Michigan.” Continue reading “Rick Santorum’s Campaign Refusing To Admit Defeat In Michigan”